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Jazz Saxophone Milestone: Eric Marienthal's 100 Video Exchanges

jazz saxophone lessons with eric marienthal

Congratulations to Eric Marienthal on recording over 100 jazz saxophone Video Exchanges! This is a huge milestone, especially considering that Online Jazz Saxophone with Eric Mariethal was only just recently launched in September. That's a lot of sax! 

For anyone not familiar with Video Exchange Learning® for Online Jazz Saxophone with Eric Marienthal, here's how it works. Once you become of member, you have unlimited access to all the saxophone lessons in the curriculum as well as additional study materials and community resources. The lessons are comprehensive and cover all levels of jazz sax from fundamentals to advanced playing techniques.

You can go through the lessons at your own pace, then whenever you are ready for feedback on your playing you can submit a video directly through the site. Eric reviews your video and then records a video with advice on what you should work on to improve. These all get posted in the Video Exchange Library for all Eric's saxophone students, so even if you don't submit a video you can still learn from the advice Eric gives someone else.

The Video Exchanges all contain tips and advice that you might not get in the officials lessons, and won't find anywhere else either - these are jazz saxophone secrets straight from the source! And with over 100 VEs now, there's a lot to go through! 

jazz saxophone video exchanges at artistworks

Eric's having a blast helping these sax students from all around the world improve their sound and expand their jazz techniques. Teaching is something that Eric takes very seriously, as you can see in this video. We are proud to have Eric as a part of our Online Music Faculty at ArtistWorks and encourage anyone who has not already to check out his lessons at the link below.   

Learn jazz saxophone online with Eric Marienthal at

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