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John Patitucci Talks Music and Bass Lessons

online bass lessons
There's a great in-depth interview with John Patitucci on All About Jazz. He's asked about his definition of jazz, acoustic vs. electric bass, as well as working with musicians like Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, and McCoy Tyner. John also talks about how he became involved doing online bass lessons with ArtistWorks, and how it compares to his prior experience teaching bass.
"I thought that it was very interesting to have a situation where people could study with you from anywhere in the world, in a way that was more complete and just so well thought out: the idea about creating a community with the knowledge of bass and creating not only a little academy where they can study bass with someone that they wanted to study with, who also had a particular view point, but also the students would get to know each other, too, and share the experiences and what they learned from it, and benefit from each other's questions. I have been teaching all my life, but not like this. This is a different concept because of the way that it is set up, being able to send a [video] to me, and I am able to film the response as well; all the answers are posted on the site, together with the questions, and anybody who belongs to the site can look at them any time." - John Patitucci
Read the full interview on All About Jazz