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Kimberley Fraser Teaches Fiddle Tune

Kimberley Fraser, native of the beautiful Cape Breton, joins Darol Anger's Fiddle school as a guest instructor. In her three part guest teacher lesson, Fraser brings her unique and melodic fiddle playing to ArtistWorks students. In the newest installment of her guest teaching, Fraser plays a tune that traces back to the Shetand Islands, but has also found a home in the people and culture of Fraser's Canadian hometown. Click here to dive in!

For a taste of how Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome to the Shetland Islands sounds, chedk out some of our favorite renditions for around the web. 

1. An oldie, but a goodie.



2. This is a challenge we can get behind!






3. A classic crew playing a classic song!




So if you want to learn to play this song like a local, you're going to have to learn from one! Jump into Kimberley Fraser's lesson now!

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