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Learn Electric Guitar from Paul Gilbert

rock guitar lessonsEver wanted to rock out on lead guitar? Well starting TODAY, you can learn electric guitar from the shred guitar hero himself Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert has long been known for guitar shredding with bands like Racer X and Mr. Big, but he’s also known worldwide as a leader in guitar education – having been teaching guitar lessons since he was a teenager. 

Paul has spent years developing his own signature guitar method and has released numerous instructional guitar videos and DVDs viewed by guitar enthusiasts all over the world, but what’s unique about Paul’s new online guitar lessons is that it’s interactive. 

Students send in videos to Paul of whatever they’re working on, which Paul then reviews and responds to in his own video with ideas for how they can improve.

The entire school views the Video Exchanges between Paul and student, which act as a virtual master class.

“You can take additional lessons that way, by just seeing how I’ve interacted with students one-on-one.  And to me that one-on-one experience… there’s nothing that touches it.” - Paul Gilbert

Sign up for electric guitar lessons with Paul Gilbert TODAY