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Learning a New Instrument Makes You Smarter

learning an instrument makes you smarter

Did you know playing an instrument can make you smarter? If so then you are a wise one and maybe even a musician yourself. Keep playing music, it’s working. 

In a recent article on titled “Six tips that could make you smarter,” what do you think was top of the list? Indeed, studies have shown that learning a new instrument can improve your intellectual abilities. So if you’ve been playing the same one for a long time you might want to consider adding something new into the mix. Maybe it’s time to learn ukulele, we know a great couple of teachers.

Learning an instrument can be a frustrating, solitary experience where it sometimes seems like you’ll never be any good. Try not to let this bring you down, it's a common experience. Also included on CNN's list was to avoid stress, which is why having a clear path toward progression when you're learning an instrument is so important.

This is where ArtistWorks comes in. There are all these incredible teachers who have mastered their instruments to the point of world wide recognition. And now they want to help you get better so that you can reach your highest potential. They’ve recorded an entire curriculum - hundreds of lessons designed to give you what you need in order to reach new levels in your playing.

At ArtistWorks these lessons are always there for you, whenever you need them. You can follow along at your pace and watch them as many times as you want. Plus with the slow motion isolations and looping tool, you can really go deep with these lessons to get exactly what you need out of them. It’s like a virtual library where all the books are on all on things that will make you a better musician.

When you’re playing an instrument, having a strong foundation is critical to becoming a master. The problem is, there’s not always a master around to let you know if you’re doing it right. This is where Video Exchange Learning® comes into play. At ArtistWorks, you can submit a video to your teacher directly through the site for your teacher to review. They’ll watch your video and then record their own video letting you know how it sounds and what you need to work on. They’ll answer any questions you have about the lessons, or whatever it is you are working on.

You can also watch all the other Video Exchanges your teacher records for other students in your school. These are great opportunities to learn something new, not to mention the advice your teacher gives someone else might also apply to you. There’s always students sending in new videos, which means there’s always new Video Exchanges being recorded all the time for you to learn from.

So as you can see, there’s no need to stress about learning music here, just focus on the lessons and the advice your teacher gives in the Video Exchanges. You will need to practice though, there’s no getting around that. But remember the science, the time you put into learning your instrument will benefit your brain. It’s a good investment. 

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