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Mandolin Chords - The Wabash Cannonball

Mike Marshall brings 35 years of experience to the ArtistWorks Online Bluegrass Mandolin course. Students have unlimited access to his comprehensive video library which contains hundreds of mandolin lessons, as well as hundreds of tabs and mp3 play-along tracks.


Mike covers important topics such as:

  • Chop Chords
  • Solid Rhythm Techniques
  • Playing Lead: Scales and Soloing
  • Going Beyond Bluegrass: Classical Mandolin and Brazilian Choro Music

Watch Mike Marshall’s mandolin lesson below to see him demonstrate the basic mandolin chords and rhythm to the American folk song Wabash Cannonball, a song that describes the journey and challenges of the Wabash Cannonball Express train. Mike gives a helpful hint to line up the chord changes with words in the song that uses a nice and easy two beat groove - a favorite amongst beginner mandolin players. The song was written as early as 1882, then later rewritten in 1904, and is part of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll list. It is the oldest song on the list.

No matter what your level of experience, Mike helps his students through our Video Exchange Learning® platform where he offers personal guidance and advice to mandolin players. He reviews the video uploads from students and provides feedback on their playing and technique.

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