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Messaging is Here!

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new feature around town: Messaging. This comes as a special request from our online students to add more community features so we hope you enjoy communicating with each other! Messaging is going to open the doors for new conversations and connections with like minded ArtistWorks musicians around the world. Talk about the lessons, talk about the music, talk about whatever you want!


This is a first version “beta” launch to our Popular Piano and Ukulele schools only, so if you’re reading this now guess what? It’s for you! Also please note this version of Messaging is only available on a laptop or desktop computer.

We’ll be rolling out another version with added features soon, but let us know how you like this one first. Please send any feedback or questions to our Customer Service Team and be sure to tell us your Operating System and browser please. You can also email them at [email protected]. Have fun!

How to Send a Message:

On the Dashboard and Community below the Shout area you can now see who’s online.

Click on the green Chat button next to someone’s name to send them a message. You can have multiple one to one Messages at the same time, and you can always minimize the windows if you just want to focus on one at a time.

You’ll see if you have any new messages near the top of the page with a little number telling you many unread there are. If you’d rather not be visible for other students to contact you, just choose the Invisible feature by clicking the Settings icon and choosing Privacy.

Now see who’s online and give Messaging a try!