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Mike Block's Cello Tips

Mike has just added a whole new section to the lessons called "Cello Reference Topics".

This new section covers a range of celloistic topics to help you understand Mike's philosophy on a few ideas. He goes into detail about some of the many things he gets asked about frequently. There are 6 new complete lesson topics there including things such as how to choose a new instrument and bow, how to travel safely with your instrument, how to practice and memorize pieces and more! Each lesson is a new VE category too so if you have any follow up questions you can submit a video directly through the lesson page of your choice.

Active students in the ArtistWorks Cello school can access these lessons below:

Traveling with the Cello

Purchasing a New Cello

Purchasing a New Bow

Creating a Practice Routine

The 20 Times Challenge

How to Memorize