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Mike Marshall on the ‘Blurring of Bluegrass’ and What’s Next for the Genre

Our CEO and Cofounder, Patricia Butler, sat down with acclaimed mandolinist Mike Marshall to talk about the dynamic future of bluegrass. In our most recent podcast, Patricia and Mike dissect the “blurring of bluegrass” in light of apparent evolution to both the genre and the ensemble.

In the 1600’s, bluegrass was born when European immigrants settled in what would later become the southern U.S. states. Early lyrics were a reflection of the day to day life and struggles that settlers encountered; because of this, many original songs made reference to living off the land.


From its origin, bluegrass was a tool to inspire a sense of connection and drive socialization in small, otherwise isolated communities. As technology advanced, the genre spread around the world. With the popularization of radio, bluegrass became a way for artists to express themselves and push the boundaries of music. By the time Mike Marshall came into the spotlight, bluegrass was constantly being pushed to a new and exciting age.


Mike Marshall is uniquely positioned to give commentary on the past and future of bluegrass. At age 19, he left his native Florida to pursue music, eventually joining the David Grisman Quintet in the Bay Area. Since those early days, Mike's historic career has spanned hundreds of recordings and taken him on tour around the globe. He has also received numerous credits as a composer, producer, and featured musician.

Listen to Mike muse on the future of his beloved genre here.