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Missy Interviews Zoe Guigueno at RockyGrass 2018

Missy Interviews Zoe Guigueno at RockyGrass 2018

And the Rockygrass 2018 Interview Series continues! This year was a particularly busy time for our master bluegrass bass player, Missy Raines.

Between playing live sets with both her newly formed band The First Ladies of Bluegrass and the ArtistWorks Bluegrass All-Stars, Missy was able to find the time to stop by the ArtistWorks RV and chat with Zoe Guigueno, the bassist of the all-female band, Della Mae.


Zoe Guigueno is a well established singer, song writer, and fierce bass player living in Brooklyn, New York. Born of Canadian roots, Zoe attended Humber College in Toronto to study jazz and pursue a career in music and upright bass. Zoe has played with countless bands and side projects, where you can see her life story and musical journey unfold. Zoe currently plays with the quintet powerhouse, Della Mae, where they spend the majority of their time on the road touring the country and writing a new album.


Here is Part 1 of a multi-part interview between the ladies of the bluegrass realm. The fierce bass players discuss everything from musical beginnings, practice methodology, and more! You can find Part 1 HERE, Enjoy!


If you wish to try some FREE SAMPLE LESSONS with Missy Raines, click HERE!


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