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More Coffee Breaks on the way!

I came off the road a couple of weeks ago and am now back in my studio filming responses. I'm also currently filming a series of new Coffee Breaks.

I've already posted the first of the series which is called "Thoughts on TAB and Notation" which I hope will clarify my approach to reading music and ear training. I know this has been a regular subject that keeps popping up in Forums, so it's now on the site for all to see and hopefully enjoy.

Other subjects I am covering in this series are:

- "Warming Up" - How to prepare for practice and performance
- "Anticipation and Hesitation" - How to shift and move melodic phrases
- "Recording - Red Light Syndrome" - Tips on how to beat the jitters when filming

I'll be rolling these out onto the site over the next couple of weeks and also plan more in the very near future as I know these informal chats have proved very popular with MTGA students.

Let me know if there is any particular subject you'd like me to talk about and I'll be happy to film something for you - I take requests!