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Music Education Gets Flipped

Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, is a fan of "Flipping the Classroom". According to Coyle's blog, Flipping the Classroom means sending students to pre-recorded learning material prior to consulting the teacher for individual advice. The role of the teacher evolves more of a coach, encouraging students to work though problem areas in order to progress.

Here at ArtistWorks, we flip the classroom for music education online. With our Video Exchange learning approach, your music teacher will not abandon you when you have questions.  As you go through the hundreds of lessons in the online curriculum, you'll come across areas where you teacher asks for you to demonstrate what's being taught.  You can then record a video of yourself playing and submit it to your teacher, who will review your video and send you a video response with advice on how to improve your playing. Through this interactive relationship made possible with ArtistWorks' Video Exchange Technology (patent pending), you can study from a master musician and become the player you deserve to be.

As Albert Einstein once said, "I never teach my students; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they learn."  This is similar to what we do at ArtistWorks.  We provide you the conditions for you to learn; which consists of an online community with a comprehensive library of lessons from beginner to advanced, with supplemental study material and other interactive features.

We partner exclusively with musicians who are not just virtuosos, but also passionate about teaching.  They are excited to meet you through Video Exchange Learning and want you to develop as a musician. We've also designed a communal space to interact with other students, whether through chats, forums, or watching their Video Exchanges.

"In music," Coyle asks, "why not flip the music stand? Teachers could deliver music theory over video, and spend the practice time putting it to use." Coyle ends his post with a question which we've taken on as a challenge: 

"What can you flip in your world?"

Flip the way you learn music at one of ArtistWorks' online schools. All you need is the desire to play.