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New album with BoA!

Hey all,

Happy to announce to be a part of the new album by the legendary Korean artist BoA, also known as the Queen of K-pop.

During one of my trips to Seoul last year, I co-wrote two songs w BoA and Iconic Sounds. These two "Smash" and "Love and Hate" are now included on her new album "Kiss my lips".

The album was pre-released digitally all over Asia today and it's already on top of the I-tunes charts in Hongkong and Taiwan + top 3 placements in Indonesia and Singapore.

Tomorrow the physical album will be out in Korea and it's expected to do very well since BoA hasn't released a Korean album in almost 3 years.

On both these songs I play the guitar parts. Smash is a funky disco tune w a little guitar solo at the end while Love and Hate is an acoustic guitar based pop song with quite jazzy chords.

Check out the previews:


Also happy to find out that the mini album w Johnny's West called "Paripo" including my co-write "Party Maniacs" made it to Nr 2 as the 2nd most sold album in the world last week.

Now back to work!

Regards Andreas