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New Album / VE "Greatest Hits" / 3 Week Break

Paul Gilbert Album Announcement

Hello! I want to let everyone know that I will be working on my new album, "Behold Electric Guitar," for the next three weeks (writing, rehearsing, and recording.) I need to put 100% of my effort into making the album, so I will be taking a break from creating new Video Exchanges during that time. 

It's important to me to make sure that there are still inspiring things happening here at the Rock School. So my friends at Artistworks have set up a way for me to feature my "greatest hits" from the Video Exchange archive. There are over 6000 VEs that I've made since the school opened 6 years ago. That's a lot to search through!

So I'm going to post one of my favorite VEs every day here at the school during the time that I'm working on my album. Of course, you can do your own searches any time by typing key words into the Search box. But I hope you enjoy the ones that I recommend every day. I'm excited to dig in and find some good stuff!

I'm really excited about new album that I'm making, and if you'd like to check it out, you can find it here. And of course, I'll be happy to share my guitar playing and songwriting ideas from the album when I return! I will also be checking in daily in the "Ask Paul" section of the Forum, so if you have any burning questions, I'll be there. Also, I'll still be loading new VEs through the weekend, so my "VE Greatest Hits" will begin on Monday (August 27th.) You know what to do... ROCK and ROLL!

Thank you,