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New Banjo Lessons Just Added

Brand New! Tony's just added a new up the neck version of Cripple Creek for the beginner banjo players. There is a basic version already in the beginner lessons and now you'll find this up the neck version. This new video gives you an opportunity to expand your playing once you've mastered the basics. This lesson also offers tablature to help you find the notes, making mastering up to neck playing easier than ever. Just click here to dive in!

Read on to see what else has been added! 

new banjo lesson

Recently added: A new lesson in the Intermediate section that focuses on forward rolls using one of Tony's favorite folk tunes "Shenandoah". He teaches you a combination of forward rolls to really get you comfortable with the roll pattern and it'll give a new sound to this great tune. The lesson is complete with tablature to help you find the notes, happy picking! Find it in the Intermediate section or just click here


new banjo lesson on allegretto by stravinsky

Recently added: a performance only lesson of the popular Stravinsky excerpt "Allegretto." Tony has included tablature to help you figure out the notes and encourages you to submit a video if you would like to work on the piece together and have any questions about the fingerings. Find it in Advanced Banjo or just click here.  

banjo lesson on cripple creek

We also recently added a new lesson to the Intermediate Banjo lesson series "20,000 Leagues Under the Banjo" where Tony teaches you some new ways to play familiar tunes playing down the neck. This week's addition is the classic "Cripple Creek", which many of you may be familar with playing up the neck. This lesson shows you a new variation and includes tab, plus slow motion extractions in both overhead and side views. Find it in the Intermediate section or just click here


new banjo lesson on dorian modebanjo lesson on the dorian modebanjo lesson on the dorian modedorian mode banjo lesson part 4

We also recently added some new banjo lessons in the Advanced section all about the Dorian Mode. This particular mode is best known for its popularity in jazz music but it also has a very recognizable sound quality that you’ll hear in many genres. In the first lesson Tony breaks down the notes of the Dorian scale to get you more familiar with it. Click here to jump to it.

In the 2nd installment, Tony further familiarizes you with the sound and feel and teaches a fun etude to get you comfortable playing in the Dorian mode. Click here to jump to it.

In the 3rd installment Tony continues to explore ways to use the Dorian scale and mode by teaching you a new pattern that utilizes the 3/4 time signature for variation. Find all these in the Advanced section or just click here.

Part 4 is another great etude complete with tablature to help familiarize you with the sound and feel of the dorian mode and scale - click here to jump to it.

new banjo lesson

We recently added a new lesson series that combines the two great styles of Earl Scruggs and Melodic style playing into a fun hybrid style. Tony first demonstrates with the tunes "Gold Rush" and "Shenandoah Breakdown" in the Introduction video. Then in the second installment he teaches a version of "Boil Them Cabbage Down" in this style complete with tablature. Click here to get started with the Introduction to the series. 

Also availablem are two more lessons in this series:

You can find it in the Intermediate section or just click here to get started

st patrick's day banjo lesson

Don't miss the new lesson on "St. Patrick's Day" in the Celtic section which we filmed on Tony's most recent visit to ArtistWorks studios in Napa, CA. This 2-part lesson explores a great old celtic tune that gives the freedom to explore playing in rubato. Tablature is included, you can find it in the Celtic setion or just click here! 

new banjo lessons

Also don't miss another new lesson we added to the Intermediate section recently called "Index - Middle - Index Exercise".

It's a great exercise to help you get more comfortable with something most banjo players struggle with - toggling between the index and middle fingers in the right hand. This fun etude style exercise will help you develop speed and comfort, and there's tablature to help you get the patterns down too. Click here to check it out!