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New Flute Concerto Written for Jeffrey Khaner

philadelphia orchestra flute concertoThe composer in residence for the Philadelphia Orchestra’s summer season, Behzad Ranjbaran, has written a Flute Concerto especially for Jeffrey Khaner (world-renowned Principal flutist for the Philadelphia Orchestra and ArtistWorks flute teacher). Khaner was so impressed by a piano concerto that Behzad Ranjbaran had written that he approached the Persian composer about writing a possible flute concerto. The conversation went something like this:

Khaner: “This is fantastic! I wish you’d write a flute concerto.”

Ranjbaran: “Sure!”

The only parameters Khaner set was his general preference for avoiding the extended “gimmicky” techniques that are very common in a lot of modern flute music. Other than that, he was completely open to Ranjbaran's imagination and creativity.

The results are nothing less than spectacular, proving that simple mutual admiration in a community of artists can inspire great new classical music. 

“Hearing a new piece is very exciting because it doesn’t exist anywhere else. We are going back to the roots of classical music, which is performing new music all the time.” - Ranjbaran

"This piece is an Audience pleaser but I think it that will expand technique of instrument in a way that will be very exiting for flute players as well.” - Khaner

Modern music lovers will enjoy the opportunity to experience the excitement of new repertoire with a unique appreciation and celebration of the past. This flute concerto is very special to Ranjbaran because it re-connects him to his native Perisan culture. The Persian Ney/Nay is a bamboo flute that has been played continuously for 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest musical instruments still in use. This exciting original piece written for the modern flute is a unique mixture of old and new, an ancient sound/tone with a modern orchestra.