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New Year, More time with the Bass - Tips to get you going

Dear folks,

I sincerely hope you have had a peaceful and joyous holiday.  We are a few days into the new year of 2014.  And resolutions are heavy on our minds.  I've decided to forego my usual daunting list of expectations and replacing that with more of an overall mindset change.  I'm talking about changing the way I think about things, changing the way I perceive obstacles and opportunities.  And I want to get fierce and ruthless about my priorities.  It won't be an easy change either.  But I'm hoping it will help me as I work on making positive changes in my day to day routines.  More practice time, healthier living, all that stuff.  

There's a trend right now, I think it's called "One Word"... where you pick one word to decribe your new year, and you work towards implementing that word into your daily life.  Maybe you've heard about it.  Give it some thought, what would your word be?   New?  Risk?  Challenge?  Courage?  Love?  All of these can apply to many aspects of our lives and especially to playing the bass.

     I need more than one word...but I think one of my words would most definitely be PLAY!

     Cheers, Missy