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North American debut of the Martin Taylor Maestro Guitar

Last month, Pearless Guitars proudly announced the release of two signature Martin Taylor guitars, appropriately named the Maestro and the Virtuoso.  Shortly after, native Georgian guitarist Shaun Hopper purchased a signature Martin Taylor Maestro, making it the first one ever sold in North America. 

Shaun recalls the first encounter with his new Peerless Maestro this way: 

"Martin Taylor is a fantastic fingerstyle jazz guitar player and I love his playing.  A gentleman in the [RedZone] guitar center...said they've got these guitars called Peerless.  I was like, 'Dude, I've been looking for one of those forever! There's no dealers in the States.'  He goes...'If you want the Martin Taylor model it's right there on the wall.'

And I was like --Whoo! -- I gotta have it. But I just don't buy stuff anymore. I bought food and gas and a hotel room and that's it...

Today, I bought a guitar."

Check out what Shaun's new Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro guitar sounds like in this video or visit his website at Find out more about Martin's online guitar lessons here. 

To purchase a Martin Taylor Peerless guitar, visit or call them at 626-325-8210.