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Our Favorite Guitar Performances

Everyday you spend learning scales, memorizing each string, tuning your guitar to the perfect pitch - you've invested in your playing.

We know that all those years of practicing build you towards your ultimate goals. Wether that goal is to play your favorite song, or to shred alongside the best of them, you and your guitar were made to perform. 

We don't mean to brag, but ArtistWorks guitar instructors have done some SERIOUSLY awesome performances. ArtistWorks mentors have played alongside music greats, from Miley Cyrus, to Sting, to Billy Joel- almost any name in music. Right now, Guthrie Trapp (Electric Country guitar) is on tour with John Oats. 

For ArtistWorks instructors, performing is a given. Paul Gilbert started every one of his (over 6000) Video Exchange responses shredding. Music is in their blood. 

It would be impossible for us to collect every performance they've ever done -- that's why we've cultivated the best of the best, in our brand new Youtube Playlist: Our Favorite Guitar Performances.

Let the music inspire you, and find your next song to work towards! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay in the loop on new content, performances, and lessons for all our our talented instructors. 

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