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Paul Gilbert Guitar Lessons Strike Power Chord

guitar noizeIn between recording his signature Paul Gilbert Guitar Lessons, The Guitar Noize Podcast had a chance to speak with Paul about teaching rock guitar online at ArtistWorks.

 He talks about the popularity of his previous instructional guitar videos, pointing out an important distinction between what he's teaching now: the emphasis on fundamentals.

Says Paul, "I really do cover the fundamentals. I'm happy to do that because I'm not just a shred monster, I really like the simple straight ahead rock stuff as well." paul gilbert guitar lessons

 "It's funny - those early instructional videos were very successful and got me a good reputation as a teacher, but at the same time, I think a lot of them have done more harm than good.  I sort of taught everybody to shred but I didn't teach everybody how to stay in time and do a lot of the things that people consider to be basic, but really aren't."  - Paul Gilbert 
The biggest difference between his old instuctional videos though is the ability to teach students over a long period of time - students send in their practice videos to Paul which he responds to with advice on how to progess their playing. 
"It's really rewarding to me because I can actually see people improve, it's not like I just teach them and they go away. I can see their progress, and their progress is quick! It's really amazing to see someone go from 'mindless shred', to playing something that's really locked in a groove, that's really making musical sense… I'm really happy the way I'm able to steer people, because it's in the service of music."      -Paul Gilbert 
Listen to the full interview on the The Guitar Noize Podcast.