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Paul Gilbert Reaches Milestone 3000 Video Exchanges

paul gilbert rock guitar teacher

"Three years. 3000 videos. And a lot of good times." - Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert is a prolific guitar teacher. Since first launching in May 2012, guitarists from around the world have jumped at the opportunity to go through the curriculum and submit their practice videos to rock guitar guru Paul Gilbert

It wasn’t too long that Paul had recorded over 2000 Video Exchanges, which he celebrated with his custom 2000 Ibanez guitar. Each Video Exchange® is an opportunity for Paul to dispense more of his great guitar wisdom, and a chance for all his students to learn more than what’s just in the curriculum lessons. 

Now just over a year later, Paul has reached a new milestone: over 3000 Video Exchanges! Paul’s pick company was so excited that they are sending the student who submitted the video 200 custom Tortex picks! One side will be his own signature and design, and the other will be this awesome message as a reminder: 

tortex custom pick

Congratulations Paul, well done! And a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s submitted a video to Paul or any of our fine online instructors - keep sending 'em in!