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Paul Gilbert Releases New Instrumental Guitar Album

paul gilbert new album, stone pushing uphill man

Paul Gilbert has released a new album on Shrapnel Records titled Stone Pushing Uphill Man. The album features 11 instrumental tracks, comprised of some of Paul's favorite vocal oriented songs. This is great news for anyone taking his online guitar lessons here since it features Paul's signature lead guitar as the main voice. Another plus for Europeans fans is that the album will also be released on vinyl

"Stone Pushing Uphill Man is the first big step to truly find my voice on the guitar. I wanted the inspiration of my favorite singers for such a big challenge, so I chose a lot of cover songs. I think the listeners will be amazed at what I’ve been able to do with the guitar. Besides the melodies, I’ve also created most of the production with guitars. If the song needed to have keyboards or strings… I found a way to make it happen with the guitar." - Paul Gilbert

Click on the picture to order the album from Amazon!