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Pick Tips: A Guide to Banjo Picks

ArtistWorks Banjo instructor, Tony Trischka, shares his tips and recommendations for finger picks! Perfect introduction for beginner players (or new insights for intermediate and advanced). 

Tony shared advice that any Banjo player can benefit from:

1. You don't have to use picks at all. 

Some of the greatest players in history played with their bare fingers, making an unmistakable sound. Take a trip back in time with this bare-bones, stripped-down, playing style. 

2. Using picks allows for a recognizable Bluegrass sound. 

Using metal picks causes what Tony refers to as an "edgy metal on metal sound". Reminiscent of Earl Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, or Don Reno, using metal picks can connect your playing with that of Banjo greats. 

3. Using picks may not be important in the early stages of playing, but becomes more important as you define your sound. 

Don't worry about finding the perfect pick while you're picking up the basics, but if you want to capture that true Bluegrass sound, you should start exploring your pick options. 

Watch Tony's full video for great brand recommendations, and tips for how to wear your tips effectively (without cutting off circulation!). 

Tony's Banjo students can watch his new pick tip video here

Not yet a member of Tony Trischka's Banjo school? Access lessons here

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