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Refer Friends & Get Free Months

Good News: we've just became your cool new hangout spot. Now, you can refer your friends to ArtistWorks, and seriously benefit in the process. 

It's simple: refer friends by word of mouth, email, or social media using your unique link. Each time one of your friends signs up, you both get one free month. That's what we call a win-win situation.

Just to be super clear, we'll add an extra month to your membership for every one of your friends who joins ArtistWorks. They'll also get a free month on their account. Pretty good, right? 

We know what you're thinking... "Less talk, more free months!". We'll show you how to make it happen in a few steps:

1. Log on to your ArtistWorks account, and go to your homepage.

2. Look to the left on your screen and scroll down! 

3. At the bottom of the left column, you'll see the option to "Refer a Friend".

4. Send a link directly, shoot out an email, or share to your social media.

5. Wait for the free months to roll in!

Pro-tip: make sure your friends use your custom link! If they check out anywhere else on our site, we won't be able to credit either account.

Check back to this area on the homepage once you've referred some of your musical pals. You'll be able to see how many free months you earn (aka how much cash you've saved!).

So try it out. Send one invite to one friend, and you'll automatically earn the new Refer a Friend badge.

We hope you stick around a while, and we can't wait to meet your friends!