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Reflection and the Plan Ahead

A Message from ArtistWorks CEO, Patricia Butler

As a new chapter begins, I take a moment to reflect on a year of milestones, changes and meaningful conversations. 

Many of these discussions echoed similar sentiments: “I wish I had this kind of access and learning opportunity long ago.” As the CEO, I am pleased we have been able to define and strengthen the path of so many musical journeys. Please join me as I share my Thoughts and Plans for 2019 in a brief message of what to expect ahead.


Throughout this past year, I have often asked myself, “While there are thousands of instructional videos available online, what sets us apart?” To me, the answer is simple:


We Are More Than Online Instructional Videos, We Are a Valuable Resource: We are dedicated to providing anyone, anywhere in the world with affordable, interactive access to some of the greatest music virtuosi of our time.


We Don’t Have Music Teachers, We Have Master Musicians: Our online faculty possess a rare combination of virtuosity and teaching excellence, as each hand-selected music instructor brings many years of performing, recording and teaching experience to their online Video Exchanges® with their online students.


You Are Not Alone, We Are a Community: we are a thriving cooperative where students can share original songs, chat with new friends, and encourage each other to grow as musicians.


We Aren’t “One Size Fits All” Paradigm, We Are All-Encompassing: We have the best online music lessons for adults, teens, and the young at heart as we continue to provide the most comprehensive music education destination available online for any instrument, genre, or skill level.


As we look ahead at 2019, I encourage you all to see differently, learn differently, and play differently.


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