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Rob Swift Interviews his mentor Dr. Butcher

Rob Swift Dr. Butcher

Rob Swift just put out a new video of him interviewing his mentor and original X-Men member Dr. Butcher, which is both informative and inspiring.

As a well rounded DJ and producer, Dr. Butcher provided many "ghost" scratches in place of DJ Polo on Kool G Rap albums and also was KRG's tour DJ. For a taste of his (underrated) production, check out his remix for "It's A Shame", which is posted below the interview. 

"The only thing you can do is the best that you can be… you can only do what life has put in you."  - Dr. Butcher 

For further reading check out Rob's other written interviews with Dr. Butcher:
Cutting up "Good Times" in 1991

Kool G Rap - It's A Shame (Dr. Butcher Remix Instrumental) (1995)