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The Season For Growth (30% Off Deal)

The Season for Growth

Spring is the time for new beginnings, and with the end of a seasonal chapter we encourage a new stage in life to unfold.

This spring, we are shifting our focus to the concept of “growth” as we aim to provide the proper tools to help you succeed as a musician.Starting now through April 3, 2019, we are offering 30% off of any 6 or 12 month membership to the ArtistWorks school of your choice by using promo code GROWTH30 at checkout. Click HERE to use the code!


Learning music at ArtistWorks is an experience unlike any other. We are dedicated to providing anyone, anywhere in the world with affordable, interactive access to the most comprehensive lesson libraries for online music instruction. Choose from over 30 instruments and genres and receive hundreds of detailed lessons recorded by master musicians. Our hand-selected instructors paired with our industry-unique Video Exchange Learning® technology, assist musicians of all skill levels to become the player they’ve always wanted to be.


Now ask yourself, are you looking to grow as a musician? If so, how can we help? Our goal is to be your primary destination for online music instruction. Whether you are looking to master the fundamentals, learn about principle philosophies, or develop proper technique within your playing, we are here to help you establish strong habits or fine tune your skills to optimize your playing. Are you ready to plant the seed and experience growth as a musician?



Get 30% off of any 6 or 12 month membership to the ArtistWorks school of your choice by using promo code GROWTH30 at checkout. Let us help you grow!

Want to see whether we are the right online music instruction resource for you? Plant the seed and try some FREE SAMPLE LESSONS and see if we can help you grow in the right direction.

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