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September 21st Update: New Guthrie Advanced Lessons: Building a Solo!


September 21st Update: An Advanced soloing lesson is here! It's a big one, with 2 performances and analysis for each one. You can find the new lesson here, or by clicking the links below.

Also, the Key of C and E "Performance" links were incorrectly labeled as "Performances", rather than actual lessons. They're perfomances with analysis too! They have since been corrected in this list. Links below!

One of the most important aspects of Country guitar playing is knowing what to play when your turn comes around during a song's solo section. In this new series of lessons Guthrie will demonstrate soloing skills that will span multiple keys and cover beginner through advanced level concepts. There are backing tracks and tablature with the playthroughs so you can see and practice exactly what you see on the videos (don't forget you can slow them down using the player tools if needed too!) Whether you're brand new to the instrument or a seasoned pro, Guthrie's "Building a Solo" lesson series is an excellent way to either begin or refine your soloing skills, so you'll be ready the next time the rest of the band gives you a nod! You can find this weeks lessons by clicking on the links below or navigating to the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons. Enjoy, and as always, happy picking!


Introduction to Basic Soloing

Basic Soloing: Key of A

Basic Soloing: Key of C

Basic Soloing: Key of E Performance

Basic Soloing: Key of G Performance


Introduction to Intermediate Soloing

Intermediate Soloing: Key of A

Intermediate Soloing: Key of C

Intermediate Soloing: Key of E