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Spring Tours: Osaka to Oslo

Spring has sprung once again, and I’ll be spending much of it toting a guitar across time zones. 


In early April I’ll travel to Japan again to work with Jikei Group, a vocational college that offers music programs (among many other fields) at multiple campuses around the country. The Japanese school year starts in April, so the schedule includes performing at the large ceremonies they hold for incoming students as well as teaching. 


This year I’ll also be bringing some other musicians from LA to participate in the new Music International Program, which is designed to give Japanese students the experience of performing American popular music with American professionals. We’ll travel the length of Japan from Sapporo in the north through Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and down to Fukuoka in the south, seeing much of the countryside as a blur through the window of a bullet train.


As soon as that’s over I’ll be heading off with the Blasters in the opposite direction for our first European tour in several years. If you happen to make it to any of these dates, please say hello! 


Here’s the schedule:


4.28 Groningen, Netherlands De Oosterpoort R&B Festival

4.29 London, UK Under the Bridge

5.1 Lessines Belgium Roots & Roses Festival

5.2 Chiari Italy Auditorium Toscanini

5.4 Castelceriolo Italy Cinema Teatro Macalle

5.5 Kilkenny Ireland Kilkenny Roots Festival

5.6 Belfast Northern Ireland Oh Yeah

5.8 Oslo Norway John Dee

5.9 Bergen Norway Madam Felle

5.11 Helsinki Finland Shamrock

5.12 Malmo Sweden Folk and Rock

5.13 Copenhagen Denmark Loppen

After that’s over, I’ll probably spend the next few weeks back in LA just trying to figure out what time it is before we head out on summer tours of the Midwest and Eastern US - more details on those later.