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Stone Pushing Uphill Man - Japan Promo Trip

paul gilbert stone pushing uphill man

I'll be traveling to Japan this week to promote my new album, "Stone Pushing Uphill Man." To prepare for the trip, I mixed backing tracks from seven songs from the album, and I'm quickly trying to learn how to play them. (In the studio, I often recorded the songs in short sections. So I never actually played them the whole way through... until now.) Overall, I'm having a great time going back and figuring out some of the things that I played. And I'm already getting more ideas about how to play them. Music never stops evolving...

I've also been recording my guitar tracks for a new Mr. Big album that will released later this year. The songs are in my head all the time, and it's nice to work with the vocals again. I spent nearly a whole day last week just figuring out the vocal harmonies for a song. (They were tricky, but worth it!)

Of course, the G4 Experience camp is coming up soon as well. I'm excited to jam with Joe, Andy, Mike, and as many guitarists who are willing to plug in and trade some phrases with me. 

Life is good! Rock and Roll! Thank you,