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The Story of our Basses....

Dear folks!  Due to some bad scheduling on my behalf and some interrupted internet issues...I'm just now posting my Father's Day video message.  I apologize for the delay...but I went ahead with posting it because I felt like it was a topic worthy of hanging on to for a few more days.  This could be one of my most personal messages to date here at the Academy, and I thank you for bearing with me.  My dad gave me my bass and is largely responsible (along with my mom) for my life and career in music.  So I wanted to share a little about him and my bass with you here.   I'm currently at Kaufman Kamp in Maryville TN and getting this up 'on the air' proved a little challenging-  But here it is, and thanks for watching.

Do you have a story about your bass?  If so, share it with us, either through video or in the forum!   We'd love to hear from you.

Best always, Missy