These Last Couple of Days

Wed, 05/26/2010 - 10:17am
Written by dryand

I did a session with Rob Wasserman (bass player for the Velvet Underground Lou Reed, and former member of Bob Weir's Rat Dog) for Nora Guthrie (Woody's daughter). We did an improvised bass/banjo duet behind Pete Seeger reading an unpublished Woody writing. It'll be part of a Woody album featuring Ani de Franco (did I spell that right?), Jackson Brown and Van Dyke Parks, amongst others. That was on Monday.

Yesterday, I was in the studio with my friends from Breakfast Special (a band I was with in the early 70s, members of whom appeared on my first two albums). Included were Kenny Kosek on fiddle, Andy Statman on mandolin, Roger Mason on bass, Jon Sholle on guitar, Barry Lazarowitz on drums. It was our first time together in the same place at one time in 35 years. We recorded an album's worth of tunes (12) in six hours.....all bluegrass tunes with a beat. A thrill to be back together.