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Tony Trischka on Banjo Rolls

Tony Trischka on Banjo Rolls
Are you a beginner banjo player who is struggling with banjo rolls? Here’s a quick pop up lesson from our master banjo player,
Tony Trischka, as he breaks down the banjo roll technique for the famous Earl Scrugg's classic Foggy Mountain Breakdown. To begin, tony starts you out slow using your primary hand to play, with a two to three hammer-on on the second string. First hitting with the index and next the thumb, Tony takes you through the beginning stages of the roll as you alternate back and forth. After you perfect clean and well timed hits using a metronome, Tony guides you to the next level by adding in the first string. When you reach this point in your practice, a basic warm up with only using your index and middle finger is suggested. This technique helps develop dexterity as you become familiar with this particular banjo roll prior to playing. Once you feel comfortable with this technique, add the thumb across on every other one (i.e index/middle, thumb/middle, index/middle, thumb/middle, etc.)

Again, it’s all about practice and technique as he highly urges that you continue to use that metronome (2 notes per click) to help perfect your playing. This is such an important, basic roll that you should nail down before continuing to learn the remainder of the song. Once you feel comfortable, and your timing is perfect, feel free to incorporate the rest of the banjo roll lesson by implementing the middle/index, middle/hammer-on.

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