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Turntablism Feature: "Scratch Obsession"

Attention turntable enthusists and skratch nerds: what we have here is a really great article from Dan Leach (aka Danno9999) titled: SCRATCH OBSESSION, or Plato and the Art of Sound-Time - featuring DJ Woody, DJ Chile, Jon1st, Alex Sonnenfeld and more. Dan goes deep into the crazy world of skratching what make it such a unique form of music. It contains some interesting analysis and media, including some fascinating slow motion footage of the crossfader. Check the link to read it and peep DJ Woody's exclusive routine for the occassion below, which as you'll learn in the article contains 435 crossfader movements and 333 vinyl movements! 

scratch obsession by dan leach"Well, it's a very strange musical instrument where you have the power to grab sound and play with it's time, pitch, move it backwards, etc. Not to mention that it sounds super ridiculously funky and insane and bizarre and groovy all rolled in one, times a zillion other things it can do that are yet undiscovered!" - DJ Qbert

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