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Ukulele Instructors Meet Students Touring

Not a member of Craig and Sarah's Ukulele School yet? Access lessons today.

A note from Sarah Maisel, ArtistWorks Ukulele instructor:

UK-Lele Tour!

Craig and I just finished up our UK-lele tour, and it was amazing. We still can’t believe it’s over, and we’ve been home for a little over a week now….

This tour has been 2 years in the making- our good friend, Mary, helped us set it up. When looking at the ‘ukulele scene in the UK, we all decided Autumn would be best. So, we did 19 cities in 23 days, including a quick hop to mainland Europe to be a part of the Berlin ‘Ukulele Festival in Germany.


A huge highlight for us was meeting our ArtistWorks students on the trip! There were some at almost every stop, which was SO exciting! And here are just a few photos that we took of our students on the trip:


Students- don’t forget, if you took pictures with us, post them in the Forum to get your FESTIVAL BADGE! Just go to the General Discussion section and you’ll see the FESTIVAL BADGE discussion for posting your picture. We love seeing people post their pictures, and it always brings us great joy when we finally get to meet you in person.

Getting around was a ton of fun- we took the trains everywhere. Luckily, the ‘ukulele is very portable. We taught workshops AND did performances. Our schedule was basically- wake up, get on a train- soundcheck, teach/perform, go to bed: repeat. Though the schedule was hectic, 6 days on, 1 day off, etc,  we always found time to answer our ArtistWorks Students.

It’s always amazing, whenever we travel anywhere in the world, there is always one unifying factor. We always ask people- why do you play the ‘ukulele? And no matter where we are- in China, Japan, Germany, the UK, the answer is always “Because it makes me smile” or “Because it  makes me happy”. Craig and I are so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful students, and to be able to travel the world with this amazing instrument. A huge thank you to all of our students who came out to support us! And welcome to all of the new students who have joined us.

If you want to see more of the AMAZING pictures Craig took on our trip- please check out his Facebook page link:

We love to see your smiling faces!

-Sarah & Craig

Not a member of Craig and Sarah's Ukulele School yet? Access lessons today.

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