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Video Exchange for JMWiding: "Rather Lovely Thing"

JMWiding asks how to play a song originally written for multiple instruments on a single piano. In this video, we look at a special transcription I created based on the song "Rather Lovely Thing" from the movie, "The Assassination of Jesse James". We look at some special techniques and "sleight-of-hand" ways to get the piano sounding like a trio of instruments doing different things at the same time. Keep in mind that this arrangement tries to incorporate as much of the original song as possible, and is quite difficult to play.  I'm more than happy to help anyone learn this, but if you would prefer a simplified version, let me know if the forum or in the shoutout box and I'll be happy to make a new version.

You can find the PDF sheet music version I created for this lesson within the forum under the "Sheet Music" topic at