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What We're Reading: Learning Music Tunes Your Brain

Need another reason to get back to learning music? It's good for your brain.

reading music

Photo Courtesy of Northwestern University

"Just as we lift weights to build our biceps, playing music makes our nervous systems more efficient," said Nina Kraus, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University and principal investigator of its Auditory Neuroscience Labrortory.

The Neural Encoding of Music project reports more efficient aural memory for both a younger group of musicians aged 18-32 as well as older musicians aged 45-65 compared to nonmusicians.

Kraus believes in the benefits of learning music: "We're giving them [educators] biological evidence that yes, continued musical education matters."

The Chicago Tribune sums up Kraus's study this way: "Note to husbands who need excuses to play the guitar with their buddies and to parents justifying the cost of their children's piano lessons: A new study from Northwestern University in Evanston says lifelong playing of musical instruments has a positive impact on the brain." 

Whether you're 8, 18, 48, or 68, there's never been a better time to take care of your brain and learn music. With ArtistWorks' Video Exchange Learning, you can get the feedback you need to be the guitar player you deserve to be at one of our online schools.

learn fingerstyle guitar

Check out the online guitar lessons we offer with Andreas Oberg, Bryan Sutton, or fingerstyle guitar with Martin Taylor. 

learn jazz guitar

All you need is the desire to play. Your brain will thank you!