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Thanks Marcus!

Hi Darol, can you add a lesson on "Randy Lynn Rag"?

Janetto - if you look at the very bottom of this column under the shouts you'll see blue tab for Refer a Friend :)

So where’s the refer a friend link deal?

Don't forget to join the Big Bluegrass Virtual Masterclass tomorrow at 10AM Pacific! Here is the link: If you want to ask a live on camera question, you can. We'll give instructions in the beginning. See you tomorrow!

Hi Darol - The party was yesterday and I was able to watch your video that morning and incorporated your ending. Knowing that I could pull off a good ending gave me a lot of confidence. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Elizabeth

Hey folks- It's looking like there's a glitch in the VR upload site... I've got a stack of lesson responses ready to go as soon as the folks in the Artistworks Engine Room clear the decks... Happy holiday!

Hi, can I get a soprano uke to play with fiddle tuning? any suggestions about string guages? I'm finding the scale length on the tenor uke is longfor my reach. I appreciate any suggestions! Marty
DEAR MARTY: check the Forum under Ask Darol/Ukelele

rubber dolly

Is there any way to change playback speeds other than by 25% intervals? Difficult to go from 75% all the way to 100% in one jump

Four string set as I don’t have a five string fiddle. I tried a cello & a bass bow, sound was easier to get with bass bow. Mine set fine, I have them on my acoustic electric & they sound great electrified!

Hi Janetto. Are you using four or. Five string set.? I’m also having trouble getting mine to settle.

Dear HappyTurtle: I'll answer your Tenor Uke string gauge question in the Forum Ask Darol section.

My daughter just developed this amazing bluegrass-themed sticker app for iMessage. It has a bunch of fiddle stickers too. If any of you have iPhones, she’d really appreciate your support, and the stickers are great to send your friends in text conversations!

So the DAddario octave Strings are AWESOME!!!

I highly recommend Michael Daves Jam Workshop in the VIP Bonus Content for anyone interested in Bluegrass jamming, especially if you're new to jamming. Lots of good, practical information.

Does anyone know how to change out a video exchange that hasn't been reviewed yet? Murphy's Law I put up a take and then I play one I'd rather put up. Hahaha Finally getting to where it's really fun to play! Second thought I'll leave this one up. Mistakes are good with lessons I think. Kinda like you want your car to do thing you took it in for when going to the auto mechanic;)

lrugenstein (Laurie Rugenstein) Hi Everybody, I joined a few days ago and submitted my first video yesterday. I've watched and played along with lots of Darol's lessons already. I played for a long time, but have stopped for 12 years. Since I'm just getting back into playing, I'm starting at the beginning. Hopefully I can correct some bad habits I've developed over the years and learn some new things. Darol, your instructions on bowing and your 4th finger exercises have been especially helpful!

I noticed I talk way too much and then I don't leave enough time for actual playing. I gotta quit being a chicken. lol. Next video exchange will be little or no talking and a lot of improv I promise.

Thanks for all the bowing pointers! Your VE responses have been super helpful. It's hard to find a teacher out here that can go over what I'm trying to achieve with the bow. Most of them I find want to have me study classical, which I know would be helpful, but my theory is I can achieve the same results practicing jazz, bluegrass, and such if I practice slow and listen carefully. Anyhoo, thanks again!

Hi Darol: On one of the Video Exchanges, you pulled out a tenor ukulele, I think to work on intonation. I just tried to tune my tenor uke gdae but a string broke. What strings do you use?

never mind i just had to click it computer genius

hey folks just recieved an email about practice routines cant seem to grt there it says i cant acess cross domain what is that

Dear Robert: OK, I'll put that one on the list!

Hi Darol. I’m a new member. Would you please add a lesson on the tune “Wheel Hoss”. You play it as an intro, but I don’t see it as a lesson.

Just stung two of my five strings with octave stings. Really interesting sound. I'll have to think like a cello player though solos sound pretty cool.

Hi Guys. Just joined. Just finished a music intensive in Oxford called sore fingers and was recommended this site whilst there. I'm excited to be here and have viewed several lessons now, Still need to put in my first video exchange. No idea to put myself in terms of beginner to intermediate yet but I'll work that out as I go along,

Hi everyone, I'm Kathryn, just joined a few days ago and binge-watching lessons with Darol.. Just submitted my first video today... Was more nervous than I thought I would be!

Darol. Very helpful, I will work on resting the bow on the strings. Getting my hand to relax seem difficult . Maybe some "hands on" in Benicia will help.

Hi Ivan! I answered your heavy Helicore question in the Forum, under "Strings".

Hello, Darol, hope the medical issues have been resolved. Take care.

Darol: I've been using Helicore Mediums. Is there an advantage to heavies?

That fiddle intensive sounds interesting.

the Second Annual Darol Anger California Fiddlers Retreat will convene once more in Benicia, October 11-13, Columbus Day weekend 2019.

Thanks to Marcus, Jordan and the Artistworks Tech dept for posting these new beginner lessons!

OK! new VRs are in!


HI Darol.. no problem from here.. hope everything is going ok for you. cheers Barry

Hey folks- Sorry for delay on answering the videos-- medical problems (I've been away from the studio mostly) combined with major technical sound -video problems are really holding up the replies. We are working on all these things now though.

Hi, Beck: That was my experience, as well. I just hit he 'Lessons' button (above), selected Beginner and started plowing thriough them. Have had a vido submission waiting for review and practicing until I hear back.

Hi. I’m brand new. Just paid today. I did not receive a confirmation email ect. I am at a loss on how to get started. Beck

Is it me, or is this site very quiet? I love the lessons and hope for interaction with other players. Peace, Dave

Thanks Tara and Darol!

Hi Tara and M-- thanks for sharing this info. You could go a little ighter on the E string- down to .028. I tend to hit it pretty hard. You'll want the "high tension" nylon unwound string for the E.It's weird that the E string should be heavier than the A string, but that's the nature of nylon strings.

e .030 (not wound), a .026 d .033 g .043 (not darol, but I thought i'd answer anyway) ;)

Darol, I saw that tenor uke, but can't get it from the archive. What were the string gauges?? Thanks, Marty

Yikes! I hope all is well

We're having a bit of a medical emergency around the Fiddle School. But I'll try to get some video responses done as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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Blog post by: Darol
07/16/2019 12:47pm

The Fiddlin' Summer Continues

Greetings Fiddlers...

A relatively light summer schedule this year, while I work up a huge list of new lessons for the Fiddle School and attend to some personal issues here in my new California home.

That said, I'll be appearing with my old buddy Mike Marshall at the Rapidgrass Festival in Colorado the weekend of July 20, and Mike & I will have a new recording out this fall.

Please check out my Fiddle Retreat in California over Columbus Day Weekend this October also!



Blog post by: Darol
05/18/2019 07:14pm

Darol Anger's Fiddle Intensive, October 2019

What could be better than a musical weekend where you improve your fiddle playing, eat great food, and have a great time with like-minded fiddlers?

Your Aritistworks Professor of Fiddlin' will present the Second Annual Darol Anger California Fiddlers Retreat in Benicia, October 11-13, Columbus Day weekend 2019.

We’re again holding it in the gorgeous little town of Benicia, tucked into a warm corner of the San Francisco Bay, close to Wine Country and various State Parks.

Returning this year will be the incredible award-winning fiddler Annie Staninec and Singer-Songwriter-Creativity Guru Emy Phelps, and special Surprise Guests.

And Darol, of course, and his 30 years of experience in teaching all the ins and outs of Fiddling all over the world.


Blog post by: ArtistWorks
05/15/2019 10:55am

New Beginner Fiddle Lesson: Cluck Old Hen in D

We've just added another great lesson on Cluck Old Hen to the Beginner lesssons, now taught in the key of D! The new lesson is accompanied with notation and backing tracks in 3 tempos to help you work it up to speed comfortably. To go straight to the lesson now click here. Happy bowing!


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07/19/2019 10:05am

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07/18/2019 09:43pm

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07/18/2019 08:05am