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Found it. Awesome. Huge thnx!

Hi Michael! Yes, this is a thing. ALL the Greeting Videos from the first week to the present week of the Fiddle school are filed and searchable! Click on the "Video Message Archive" text at the lower left of that screen with the greeting. You will find a very long list!

Hey Darol. Really liked the lesson "Sugar in the Gourd". I am somewhat new around here. Have seen videos you have put up in the "Newsfeed" section of the fiddle homepage. Where do they go when they drop off this section? Are they all filed somewhere in the lesson sections or elsewhere. Thanks for the guidance.

Thank you so much Darol, I knew you would know it

Elaine! The tune is McPherson's Lament; here are the words! MacPherson's Lament

Fare thee weel, you dungeons dark and strong,
Fareweel, fareweel to thee.
Macpherson's rant will ne'er be lang,
On yonder gallers tree.

Sae wontonly, sae dauntonly,
O rantinly gaed he,
He played a tune an' he danced aroon,
Below the gallers tree.


Well the laird o' Grant, you highlan' Saint
That first laid hands on me,
He plead the cause o' Peter Broon,
He watched Macpherson dee.


By a woman's treacherous hand
That I was condemned to dee,
High on a ledge of her window she stood,
And a blanket she threw over me.


Some come here noo tae see me hang
And some to buy my fiddle,
Before I'll pairt wi' thee,
I'll brak' her through the middle.


Come ye loose the bands from off my hands
Bring tae me noo my sword,
There's nae a man in a' Scotland
That'll brave him at his word.


Little did my mother think
When first she cradled me,
That I would turn a rovin' boy
And die upon the gallers tree.


The reprieve was comin' o'er the brig o' Banff,
To set Macpherson free,
They pu' the clock a quarter fast,
And they hanged him to the tree.


Meaning of unusual words:
rant=play a lively tune

Wow-- a really cool piece of the Chop technique on on NPR, of all places. Wow! Thanks Amelia Mason!

Hey Darol. Popping in here for a second and I weep for you with five hours of lessonVE responses with the mic off. I've done the same thing, though not for so long. It's a very sad thing and I can commiserate in your misery over that!

I was depressed. now it's fine.

@DarolAnger - YIKES!! I bet you wanted to cry!!

There is nothing like the feeling of doing 5 hours straight of intense video response lessons, only to find that the microphone was off the whole time! Starting in again.

To Mudslide: Good questions. A better place to ask these kind of questions is in the FORUMS section, see that top bar on the right... Lots of good conversations about fiddling happen here, with many knowledgeable folks besides myself.

to Kklark: Hey, yes, you c an keep track of my activities by going to my website at , and of course I'll be running the first ever Darol Anger Global Fidle Retreat the weekend of October 5-7... coming right up! For info about that, go to

Ok Darol, just watched the lesson Scales You'll Use: the Minor 7 and my questions were answered. Build the arpeggios on the Dorian mode. Sorry for the previous Shouts.

Darol, frommy previous shout, I am trying to build arpeggios from the natural minor (Aeolean) scale. It seems to work. Is this going to be useful for fututure improvisation attempts on tunes like Minor Swing? Or is this a waste of time?

Darol, I just started working on the LIMDAPL and Diatonic Arpeggios lessons Cool how theyfit together. I want to start working out for myself the 3 and 4 note arpeggios for a minor scale if you think hat would be a good idea. Which of the minor scales would be good place to start building the arpeggios?


Hey Darol I live in Sonoma. Are you going to be playing anywhere public around here (or as far as Berkeley) any time soon ?

Hi Elizabeth- I wish I could tell you the brand of bow, but I can't... I did get it from Wayne Burak's violin shop in Dallas, TX. they are great people!

I did the "Dorian Mode" module in beginner fiddle. You played a tune called Pretty Polly. Is there a transcript for this one?

Hi Darol, You recently did a video exchange on the bow hold. You showed your bow, a carbon fiber with a wooden veneer. I was wonder who makes it? Also, that foam pencil thing I am going to try as the side of my thumb gets soar from me pressing down on the bow. Thanks for the info.-Elizabeth

Yayyyy! Here's a link to my newest YouTube video where I play the old time tune "Last Chance" in a weird cross F tuning that I made up. Darol thanks for the inspiration to try this out :) -Alani

5 string sounds great

Hey Darol- I was wondering if you are going to IBMA this year? I am going for the whole week, and if you're going we should get together and pick some tunes!


Hi David-- please get in touch with the Artistworks Technical Staff about your uploading problem. I'm sure we can fix it. Go to:

Hey Fiddlers! What a summerit's been . Go ahead and check out the Video message Archive for some of my activities this summer... now I'm preparing a major household move, so l'll try to get to all your Video Submissions as soon as possible... but the Studio will be temporarily disassembled for a couple of weeks!

Hi Darol! I am enjoying these lessons immensely. I’m having trouble uploading videos to you. Any suggestions? I’ve tried recording directly from the lesson area, and I’ve recorded them separately, and then tried to send them. Each time after a moment the video files fail to upload.

I just watched the youtube Dr Doc Wallace. It is very interesting. I'd probably write a book before I was done going over things. I started playing piano when I was very young. I think that's why I never feel stage fright. I also just feel like we are all here to learn, so don't worry about what others might think. Just have fun and enjoy what your doing! Everything else will come with good guidance and lots of practice. Kinda like being on a diving team. Yes we are all wearing speedos, but who cares we are all here to take the dive:)

Hey You Fiddlers You. I'm headed homeafter a LONG 5 weeks of being on the road, festivals, shows, and music camps. Here's a very interesting Youtube series by my Berklee buddy and Boss, Dr. "Doc" Wallace, Juilliard-trained. violist and badass Texas Fiddler.

I am working on a fun video today that will go over the things I have tried to solve my problem of holding the violin. It's kinda a lot and sure to make some laugh:) I will also play "You are my Sunshine" please don't laugh at that. My wife thinks I play pretty and that's good enough for me for now:)

Darol has a really great video exchange about bow holding that is under bow holding thoughts. It's been very helpful for me! My other struggle is which is a pretty big one is balancing the violin on my shoulder without cranking my chin down on it which makes it so I can't practice as long as I'd like. I just got up to "You are my Sunshine" and the mentioning of lightly rest your chin is awesome for me but when I try to vibrato it really wants to come away still. Any help on this would be awesome! Thanks!

Thanks Darol! Honestly, I find it absolutely humbling and kinda crazy I get to take lessons from you! I love you and the fact that your so cool to share your awesomeness just shows even more how amazing you are! Thank you thank you thank you!!! And yes I am trying to make you laugh too. I am getting a very late start at the violin (the hardest instrument to play in the world) I believe anyways.. Also, can do what no other instrument can when you get it down like you. If I was so lucky as to have you in my band you'd have to take 15 min solos all night!. So what are you doing next week? lol

RIP Tommy Peoples

sorry folks- hello from Swannanoa in North Carolina. Im having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to make this little camera I bought work out here on tour... If I can get the sound to come back on, I can do some more Video Responses soon!

Hey Darol, I can’t seem to figure out the search function on the page. But wondering if you’ve done a lesson for ashokan farewell? As a beginner it’s over my head but have it as a goal. I have the sheet music though would love to see your treatment and instruction.

Is there a way to, when you send a video in, not have it sound so screechy? It doesnt sound like that in person and i dont know what to do? Thx hnb

ArtistWorks Jazz Bass instructor, John Patitucci is going live from ArtistWorks Youtube tomorrow at 1:00 pm PST to talk about his tour with Chick Corea and his interview with Bass Musician Magazine. Tune in here:

ArtistWorks instructors Eric Marienthal (Jazz Saxophone) and George Whitty (Jazz Piano) are going live from our Facebook page at 1:30 pm PST! They'll be answering the most googled Jazz questions! Tune in. ⏰

if you go to your profile, you can cancel 'autorenew' without cancelling membership.

Hi Betty Go ahead and browse around the beginning lessons, and check out some of the intermediate and advanced as well, just for fun. You want to make sure that your physical technique isn't going to fight you or cause pain.


Hello Darol, excited to put a great fiddle to good use. I have a good ear and can pick up melody but need lots of work on technique and double stops!! Where do I start? Betty

Hi Jeff, a good place to start is tuning D D A D (low to high’) Check out Ian Walsh ‘s tutorial on Bonaparte s Retreat on YouTube. I think that’s just what you’re looking for.

Hmmm having trouble uploading. Got a good one for ya Darol

Can anyone recommend some good tunings for mimicking a bagpipe on the fiddle?

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love the lick of the month Darrol Thxs SJudd

Bank, not back.

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Blog post by: ArtistWorks
10/30/2018 05:48pm

A Halloween Gift from Tony Trischka

Tony Trischka, the man who made the banjo bigger, jazzier and more worldly presents a spooky song for Halloween with Martha Redbone and Aaron Whitby!

Tony would like to share this tune as a free download to all the students here at ArtistWorks, to access your copy please click the player or link below (depending on your browser it may look different)  Enjoy the tune and have a Happy Halloween!



Blog post by: Darol
10/13/2018 11:41am

the first DA Global Fiddle retreat is complete.

Greetings, Fiddlers!
October has been an amazing month: Two Orchestra solo appearances, my new recording (MUSIC OF OUR PEOPLE) getting into the top 5 in airplay on American Folk Radio, my first month living back in the West, and this new venture: my first foray into the scary and exciting world of Fiddle Camp-Land.

Yes folks, I threw my own darn fiddle party, and just as with any party, you don’t know if anyone will come, or enjoy. But… it worked!

The first ever Darol Anger Global Fiddle Retreat is history, and folks seemed to really have a great time! It was small and very cozy, but we also had the incredible award-winning youthful fiddler Annie Staninec and Singer-Songwriter-Creativity Guru Emy Phelps to coach the participants.Thanks also to the generosity of Jim Dunlop and D’Addario Strings for providing great gift bags stuffed with super-useful goodies! 


Blog post by: ArtistWorks
10/07/2018 10:49pm

ArtistWorks News: Certificate Program

Something new is brewing at ArtistWorks. 


New Student: SCooperMS
11/12/2018 02:05pm

New Student: Janer
11/10/2018 10:53pm

New Student: AZaleski
11/09/2018 06:54am