Bryan Sutton’s Guitar

Bourgeois Custom Country Boy

Dana Bourgeois says about Bryan Sutton:
"Over the course of my career I've been blessed to see my guitars used by a wide variety of fine players. I never thought I would be so lucky, however, to see them so closely identified with a player as brilliant as Bryan Sutton. “

Figured Mahogany Back & Sides. Adirondack Top.

We topped Bryan's guitar with Adirondack (Red Spruce).

Dana says: " Red spruce is also relatively heavy and has a high velocity of sound. It also has the highest stiffness across and along the grain of all the topwoods. Like Sitka, it has strong fundamentals, but it also exhibits a more complex overtone content. Tops made out of red spruce have the highest volume ceiling of any species, yet they also have a rich fullness of tone that retains clarity at all dynamic levels. In short, red spruce may very well be the Holy Grail of topwoods for the steel-string guitar."