Classical Mandolin with Caterina Lichtenberg

Classical Mandolin with Caterina Lichtenberg
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Classical Mandolin with Caterina Lichtenberg
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Mandolin Lessons cover:

  • Arpeggios, cross-picking and tremolo
  • Performance and analysis of classical pieces
  • Exercises, etudes, and excerpts
  • Music notation, backing tracks, transcriptions + more
  • Includes Video Exchange® Library
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Caterina Lichtenberg, Professor of Classical Mandolin (Cologne Music Conservatory) is internationally revered for her mastery of the instrument. She has won numerous music competitions and tours around the world as a performer and teacher. Lessons start with fundamentals and include all the essentials for mastering mandolin in the classical style.
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Caterina Lichtenberg
Classical Mandolin

The esteemed professor shares essential skills and techniques in online mandolin lessons for classical players.