Dobro Video Lessons

Basic Dobro

Introduction To Basic Dobro
History of The Dobro
Parts of The Dobro
How To Hold The Dobro
Picks, Capo, and Gear
Names of the Strings and Tuning
Changing Your Strings
How To Wear The Picks
How To Read Tabs
Basic Right Hand Technique
Under The Bar
Basic Left Hand Technique
Getting The Hands Working Together - Part 1
Getting The Hands Working Together - Part 2
Mary Had A Little Lamb - Part 1
Mary Had A Little Lamb - Part 2
The Key of G - Part 1
The Key of G - Part 2
Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Part 1
Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Part 2
Slides - Part 1
Slides - Part 2
Introduction To Chords
C Major Scale - Open
C Major Scale - Closed
Wildwood Flower - Key of C - Part 1
Wildwood Flower - Key of C - Part 2
Basic Chord Progressions - Part 1
Basic Chord Progressions - Part 2
The Camptown Races - Part 1
The Camptown Races - Part 2
Basic Rhythm Chops - Part 1
Basic Rhythm Chops - Part 2
Beginning Forward Rolls
Beginning Reverse Rolls
D Major Scale - Open
D Major Scale - Closed
Midnight On The Stormy Deep - Part 1
Midnight On The Stormy Deep - Part 2
Playing Standing Up
Using a Capo - Part 1
Using a Capo - Part 2
Right Hand Technique - Part 1
Right Hand Technique - Part 2
Learning The Neck
How To Learn Songs By Ear
Amazing Grace

Intermediate Dobro

Efficiency of Motion
Rolls Part 1
Rolls Part 2: "Salty Dog Blues"
Picking Patterns: Alternating Bass Strings
Expanding The Key Of D
Expanding The Key Of D Part 2
"Angeline The Baker"
Closed Position D Minor
Open and Closed G Minor
Sound Quality
Playing Over 12 Bar Blues
The Blues
The Blues: Rhythmic Elements
The Blues: Vocabulary, Riffs, and Licks
The Blues: Vocabulary and Expression
The Blues: 7th Chords
"12 Bar Blues"
Chopping: The Next Step
Chopping: Minor Chords
Chord Backup
"Wildwood Flower" Chord Melody
Reducing Excess Noise
Minor Chords: Other Open Chord Options
Minor Chords
Expanding the Key of G: 2nd Position Major Pentatonic
Expanding the Key of G: 2nd Position Minor Pentatonic
"Cluck Old Hen"
Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
"Silver Bells"
Slants: Two Note, Forward Slants
Slants: Three Note, Forward Slants
Slants: Reverse Slants
Slants:"Wildwood Flower"
Old School Dobro
"Wabash Cannonball"
A Blues Open Positions
E Blues Exercises
"Deep Ellum Blues"
A Minor Scale
"Shady Grove"
E Minor Scale
B Minor Scale
Playing in 3/4 or Waltz Time
"Dead Cedar Waltz"
Metronome: The Next Step
"May The Circle Be Unbroken"
Major Arpeggios
Minor Arpeggios
"Wayfaring Stranger"
Left Hand Efficiency Over Chord Changes
How To "Dobroify" A Melody If Needed

Advanced Dobro

Pick Blocking
Behind The Bar
Chicken Pickin
"Forked Deer"
Low String Bass Notes
Playing With Intent
Rolls: The Final Frontier - Banjo Style
Melodic Style Playing
"Arkansas Traveler"
Fiddle Tunes On The Dobro
"St. Annes Reel"
Swing Tunes and using The 6th Note
More Rhythm Techniques
Open B Position
"Angeline The Baker" (in open D)
"Black Rock"
Alternate Tunings Part 1: Open D
Alternate Tunings Part 2: Pedal Steel Sound
Alternate Tunings Part 3: E Minor and G 6th
Alternate Tunings Part 4: D6
Theory and Chord Scales
Improvising and Writing
Right Hand Dynamics
Hammer-ons and Pull-offs: The Next Step
Diminished Scales and Chords
Passing and Chromatic Notes
Ear Training: The Copycat Exercise
Building Solos
Solo: "Always You"
Kickoffs and Endings
The Mental Game of Performance
Advanced Right Hand Technique
"Soldiers Joy"
Major 7 Arpeggios
Chord Substitutions
Alternate Picking