How the Classes Work old

The way students learn here at the Tony Trischka School of Banjo is unique.

Most sites provide only a list of videos to watch. "Students" are left to practice on their own and perhaps make mistakes quite early and never correct them.

Learning by Video Exchange gives you the ability to not only watch the videos, but get that critical feedback from the expert that addresses your specific issue.


Student members of the TTSB watch and study the banjo video lessons at their appropriate skill level - the study here is self-paced, so don’t be intimidated, jump right in.
Students interested in personalized feedback and instruction can submit videos using the simple “Video Exchange System” online to upload their webcam video. Tony reviews every video submitted and responds to his students either with a video or written evaluation, which is posted in the Video Exchange Center. Although submitting a video to Tony is not required you can watch the Video Exchanges 24/7. These exchanges between teacher and student are permanently recorded and paired on the site for the entire school to learn from, an approach which breaks new ground in online instrumental education.

Getting feedback from an accomplished musician has been limited in the past. The TTSB allows students to progress to their highest level of playing by having direct interaction with Tony Trischka and by exchanging videos online with him. Although students learn banjo faster by submitting a video for review, just participating in the online community enhances the learning experience at the TTSB. A Student Profile page is given to each student so that socializing while learning can deepen the online community. A very active “Home Base" page brings new and old friends, videos and news all together in one central spot.