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It's absolutely fine Ron. Thanks.

You'll have a blast Bell.

Bell, you are about to experience one of the very best groups tonight!

I was at a bluegrass festival near Binghamton, NY (USA) over the weekend and attended a Wernick jam class, led by a teacher local to the area (Ron Perry). I found the class super helpful, as it gave me space to experiment with taking solos and breaks, even if I didn't have a ready made solo under my fingers. (Tony, since you and Pete have collaborated for a long time, I assume it's OK if I plug the Wernick method on this site. Hope I'm not wrong!).

Have fun, Bell. I think they put on a great show!

Punch Brothers are playing in Melbourne tonight. I’ve got my ticket. Yahoo!

Hey Squatch. No problem and please send in whatever you're doing with the roll with no name and glad you're finding lots of applications. And especially glad that you're loving the banjo more all the time! I'm thrilled for you!

Tony, I have been slack in posting my next exchange but I have spent quite a bit of time learning that Roll With N Name. In fact, I have composed a tune using it mixed with other rolls. I call it "PIlot's Knob' This roll I find myself using in many applications in playing with my family group. Hopefully it will be ok with you to submit some of these applications to you for your feedback. Loving the banjo more and more all the time.thanks

You're very welcome Fred!

Thank you Mr. Trischka. - I sing "A whole new world!"

Hey Fred. I call it the Welcome Video archive but it's actually called the Video Message archive. I"m sorry for leading you astray. You can find it in small letters just below the Welcome Video on the left side. Just click on it, and you'll be there.

I'll do another batch on Tuesday morning and I'll be in touch from the road.

Thanks everyone for your comments about the master class. We had a great time and Will, my student, has infinite potential to be a professional player if he chooses that route. AW says that the whole thing will be archived for future viewing. I just got back from San Francisco today. After doing the master class, I spent yesterday in the studio with my friend Jody Stecher, recording 14 songs. Then I'm leaving for a working vacation for about 8 days with my wife. We'll be going to my homeland, The Czech Republic, where will have some relaxing time in Prague and then I'll be doing a couple of gigs with my friends in Druha Trava. My good friend Lubos Malina is in that band, and you can find an interivew I did with him a while back, here in the +Music section. From there we're going to an island off the coast of Croatia. I'll be digging into VEs tomorrow night (have to go to a memorial service for our dear friend Eileen Carson Schatz in Maryland during the day tomorrow).

Loved the master class Tony. Great Job :-)

And Tony of course.. that goes without saying. ;)

I love this banjo class.. and I hope to absorb all the Bluegrass Mojo I can from all the great students here!!! :D

OK tired.. neeed sleeep..

Hoping I spelled his name right! ahah

Connor is definitely a sure bet for success. And Im hoping that Im right about who it is. ;)

Im wondering if it was Conner you were talking about KTugby..

Dang.. Im hoping that the Master Class will be available for viewing. Too many things going on and I couldnt make it. IM trying to open up a business. ahaha Well, its nothing really, but still it needed my utmost attention the last 3 or so days. Now IM back strong.. and I have been working with finger picks that are finger friendly.. Im getting somewhere. Will submit soon Tony.. just trying to squeeze in some more practice time into my schedule which has been CRAZY.

Great live Master Class Tony! Really enjoyed that. The young man who sat in as your student certainly has a promising future on the banjo. I hope Artistworks has more of these events. If they ever do have another Bluegrass Master Class, it would be helpful to hear each instructor talk about how they view the role of their respective instrument in the bluegrass ensemble and their philosophy on how they interact with, and support, the other members during their performance. Thanks again for a great class.

Good job on your VE Sue ! To answer your question, I have 3 stellings , an Osborne chief and a 1928 style 6 Gibson just like Steve Cooley's. But I've played lots of deerings and the calico is my favorite. Its the sweet spot in their lineup I think. Lots of banjo for the money, and just the right amount of ornamentation imo . I guess the stelling equivalent would be the golden cross or a special sunflower maybe. I love my sunflower ( which is what Tony had on his robot plane album cover) . But calicos are fine instruments

Hi Rebecca, thank you for your comment on my playing. Progress feels sooooo slow. I like your idea of going to a new festival every year. That sounds like fun. Enjoy the festival and banjo camp in NY!

I am looking to find the welcome video archive. Specifically New Camptown races. When I use the the 'view Archive" link I am a bit ovewhelmed. When I do a search I have a similar experience.

I'm here in Napa now and looking forward to tomorrow's Big BG Virtual Master Class. Hope to see you in cyberspace tomorrow.

Please say hi to Richie Rebecca and have a great time!

Don't forget to join the Big Bluegrass Virtual Masterclass tomorrow at 10AM Pacific! Here is the link: If you want to ask a live on camera question, you can. We'll give instructions in the beginning. See you tomorrow!

My husband and I set a goal a few years ago of attending one new festival every year. This year it will be the Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg, NY. And we will be attending "Culture Camp" the week before the fest. The instructors are awesome, including Richie Stearns for clawhammer banjo. I am dusting off my open back and getting very excited.

Steve - I loved the harmonic minor birthday video. In addition to the creative melody, you have wonderful steady and even technique. Very very nice. Rebecca

Happy birthday Bela and safe travels to the golden state - Frank

It's great where you can borrow things Steve,

Tony, Thank you. That was very kind of you to say that. Thank you for watching the video, and inspiring me to play all these years! The last chord is a Gmin/maj9th: G Bb D F# A. It's probably in a different key, but I think that's the last chord in the opening theme music to "Sex in the City." It's in a lot of jazz standards, too, but that theme song always grabbed my attention whenever my wife (OK, me, too) would watch the show.

Hi all and Tony! Love your welcome video and Happy Birthday to Bella!! It's been a while for me to submit a VE but work has gotten the best of me and we are in the process of relocating back home to the Heartland! Will miss living down the NJ turnpike from u Tony!! Been keeping up with playing the banjo but next few weeks it will be packed up! Looking forward to getting reengaged in the next month or two!

I'm heading to California tomorrow for a big ArtistWorks online master class on Friday. Then Saturday I'm recording an album with the great Jody Stecher and home on Sunday. I'll be in touch from the road. Enjoy.

I just uploaded seven new VEs for your viewing pleasure.

Holy Moley Steve. I LOVED your birthday rendition and you wouldn't want it any faster than that. Absolutely beautiful, especially that last chord. Give us more!

Thanks a lot Steve. I'll check yours out.

Tony, I love the Béla Birthday Welcome VE. I just uploadeed my own Béla-inspired version to my student page (with a much slower right hand!)

I just uploaded a new Welcome Video to celebrate Bela's birthday today.

For a sense of Eileen Carson. She was an amazing dancer (not just clogging, as you see here), but also a choreographer. That's she in the white headband, dancing on the right.

Thank you so much Rebecca. I'm so glad you were able to be there last night. I spoke to Bela this morning as he was getting off a plane to wish him a Happy Birthday, only to find out that Eileen had gotten home with her husband Mark Schatz after the show and passed this morning. She was a remarkable woman with a blazing spirit.

Here's a photo from the benefit Tony played for Eileen and Mark in Washington DC last year. I'm so sorry for your loss Tony.

Here's a photo of Bela and Jerry, plus an older version of Jerry's classic tune, Another Morning.

We made it to the Eileen Carson Bustin Loose benefit last night. We saw Bela and Jerry do one of their great numbers, Another Morning. And as I went to share it on Facebook today, so sad to hear that Eileen died last night.

I'm so glad you liked it Dina, and you're very welcome. Glad you were inspired by Honeysuckle. Good luck with it all!

Finally catching up on the Alison Brown interview and part 5 was great for a beginner like me. Thank you both so much! Just saw the group Honeysuckle (GREAT!) in Coos Bay and loved their use of the banjo as a supporting instrument with that type of strumming and was just experimenting yesterday with it. Awesome to see Allison do it and to get to analyze the finger movements for it. Beautiful sound and way less harsh than the newbie strumming I was doing. Thank you!

I just uploaded ten new VEs.

Thanks all. It's great to be back. And sorry you couldn't make the Henhouse show Eric. They're great guys, wonderful musicians and we had a really nice time. Don't worry about OJC. It'll be fine. Thanks again!

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Join us from 10:00am to 3:00pm Pacific time as Tony Trischka (banjo), Mike Marshall (mandolin) and Michael Daves (vocals) share tips, ideas and lessons with our three contest winners. You'll get the full benefit of their shared expertise by watching live online!


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New Lesson Added - Even More Advanced Triplet Ideas

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June 28th Update: New Part of Tony Talks with Alison Brown at Rockygrass 2018!

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