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Free Sample Music Beginner Lessons
Learning music at ArtistWorks is unique. Of course, players get access to many hundreds of lessons specifically designed to break down complex techniques and concepts so that any level of musician can make great strides in their playing. But where ArtistWorks takes learning music online to a new level is with Video Exchanges. Our master musicians accept and respond to video submissions from their online students. Each teacher records a thorough video response that is linked to the student's video so that everyone in the course can apply the instruction given to their own playing. Video Exchanges are incredibly helpful to all levels and experienced players, even beginners. You can only learn with Video Exchange at
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About these lessons

These free sample music lessons and sample Video Exchanges® are only a small preview of what you get when you take online music lessons at ArtistWorks. Join today and get unlimited access to hundreds of step-by-step video lessons, taught and recorded by today’s most heralded music masters. You also have the option to submit videos to your online teacher for personal feedback on your playing through our invaluable Video Exchange Learning® experience that you can’t get anywhere else. We’re here to help you with the right instruction and the most productive and effective environment for reaching your musical goals. You can become the player you always dreamed you could be by learning from master musicians at ArtistWorks.

About the Bluegrass Vocalswith Michael Daves Course

Michael Daves has taken his entire knowledge of singing bluegrass vocals and poured it into a comprehensive video library that includes hundreds of lessons for all levels of singers. Subscribers get unlimited access to all online vocal lessons, supplemented by backing tracks and other study materials. Plus there's special guests, exclusive interviews, and a community of bluegrass enthusiasts from all over the world.

What ultimately sets these vocal lessons apart from other online offerings however, is the ability to submit a video using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange learning platform. Michael reviews each submission and records a video response where he offers tips and techniques to practice. All students can access the Video Exchange Archive, which is always expanding and may contain the keys to take your singing to the next level.

About Your Teacher

About Michael

Michael Daves is a great talent with a very classic approach to bluegrass vocals. He's collaborated with legendary artists who include Chris Thile, Steve Martin, Rosanne Cash, Tony Trischka (who teaches banjo at ArtistWorks), and a whole lot more. His first album with Chris Thile (“Sleep With One Eye Open”) was recorded live to tape over the course of four days at Jack White’s famous Third Man Records in Nashville and was later nominated for a Grammy. The New York Times calls him “The leading light for the NY bluegrass scene.”

Besides his singing career, Michael is also a very talented guitar player and sought after teacher. He has many years of experience teaching people of all vocal ranges and abilities how to sing bluegrass. His lessons at ArtistWorks focus on stylistic approach, how to sing harmony, ear training, singing while playing, tone, and more.

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Michael Daves