School of Fiddle Curriculum

Beginner Fiddle

Introduction to Basic Fiddle
Tuning the Fiddle Part 1
Tuning the Fiddle Part 2
The Names of Notes and Where They Are Part 1
The Names of Notes and Where They Are Part 2
Principles and Gear Part 1
Principles and Gear Part 2
Principles and Gear Part 3
Practicing for Pitch
Standing Stance
Sitting Stance
Right Hand Bow Hold: Part 1
Right Hand Bow Hold: Part 2
Left Hand Position
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
"Rubber Dolly"
Rosining the Bow
Up - Bows, Down - Bows, Upper Half and Lower Half
Speed Vs. Pressure
Exercise 1: Smooth
"Way Downtown"
Exercise 2: Dot, Dot, Dot
"Why D'ya Wander" Explanation
"Why D'ya Wander" Tune
Beginning Shuffles
"Old Joe Clark"
Crossing Strings
"Liberty" Explanation
"Liberty" Tune
The Fingerboard
The Major Scale in A
Double Stops
"Little Rabbit" Part 1
"Little Rabbit" Part 2
The Natural Minor Scale
"Kitchen Girl"
The Mixolydian Mode
"Old Joe Clark" Mixolydian Mode
The Dorian Mode
Major Arpeggio
Minor Arpeggios Part 1
Minor Arpeggios Part 2
"Golden Slippers" Part 1
"Golden Slippers" Part 2
"Sally Goodin" Part 1
"Sally Goodin" Part 2
"Ginseng From Mr. Blake"
"Fire on the Mountain" Part 1
"Fire on the Mountain" Part 2
Bowing: Sally Anne
Bowing: Soldiers Joy
More Thoughts on Bowing
Simple Tags - Part 1
Simple Tags - Part 2
Simple Tags - Part 3

Intermediate Fiddle

Introduction to Intermediate Fiddle
Mastery Means that it Feels Easy!
A Great Left Hand Exercise
Developing Speed Means Playing Slow First!
The Blues Form
The Blues Scale: Part 1
The Blues Scale: Part 2
"Blues on Gravel"
"Carrol Country Blues": Part 1
"Carrol Country Blues": Part 2
Numbering the Notes
Pentatonic Scale
"Sally Johnson" in G Part 1
"Sally Johnson" in G Part 2
The Greek Medley
Rhythmic Bowing Part 1
Rhythmic Bowing Part 2
"Brushy Fork of John's Creek"
"Salt Creek" Part 1
"Salt Creek" Part 2
Major Arpeggios Part 1
Major Arpeggios Part 2
Minor Arpeggios
First, Second, Third, Half and Fourth Part 1
First, Second, Third, Half and Fourth Part 2
One Tune to All Keys: "Blues On Gravel" in E
Closed Keys: Using that Pinky!
Only Four Keys Part 1
Only Four Keys Part 2
"Dark Hollow"
Practicing Shifting Positions
Trouble Keys: F# Db Bb
Transposing Tunes Around Keys
Getting to and from Third Position
Sequence Tunes
"Bill Cheatham"
"Blackberry Blossom"
"Big Sciota"
Sequence Tunes: Summary
Double Stops: 5ths
Double Stops: 4ths
Double Stops: 6ths
"Florida Blues"
Double Stops: 3rds
"Farewell Blues"
Double Stops: Unisons, 2nds, and 7ths
Double Stops: "Dark Hollow" and "Whistlin' Rufus"
Modal and Older Movement: "Rueben's Train"
Numbering Chords Part 1
Numbering Chords Part 2
7ths Chords
"Salty Dog Blues"
Solo: Phrases and Form
Solo: "Why D'ya Wander"
Solo: Bluegrass Kickoffs
"Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms"
Bluesy Bluegrass Phrasing
Solo: Constructing Melodies
Solo: Double Stops
Solo: Rhyming Phrases
Solo: Mandolin Chop Position
Loud and Soft Playing
Backing Up the Singer
Two Tactics, One Song: "Way Downtown"
Fourth Finger Workout: "Sally Goodin"
Fourth Finger Workout: "Back Up and Push"
Backing Up a Singer "New River Train" with Scott Law
The Mystery Note: "Salty Dog Blues"
"Tennessee Waltz"
Vowels and Consonants
The Infamous Chop Part 1
The Infamous Chop Part 2
The Infamous Chop Part 3
Crossing the Bar Line
Evening Prayer Blues - Performance
Evening Prayer Blues Key of E - Breakdown Part 1
Evening Prayer Blues Key of E - Breakdown Part 2
Fisher's Hornpipe - Key of E
Fisher's Hornpipe - Key of F
In Love With Another Woman
Muleskinner Licks in Chop Position
Pentatonics - Part 1
Phrasing Part 2 - Be Sound and Alert
Swingy Styles
Pentatonics - Part 2

Advanced Fiddle

Introduction to Advanced Fiddle
Man of Constant Sorrow
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Ride the Wild Turkey - Part 1
Ride the Wild Turkey - Part 2
Grey Eagle
Midnight on the Water
Golden Eagle Hornpipe
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Scotch and Swing
Hangman's Reel
Banks of the Ohio
California Blues
Sally Johnson
Tonal Gravity
Tricks and Ideas - Dark Hollow
Beaumont Rag
Banjo Tunes to Fiddle
Basics of Improvising - The Worked Out Solo
Basics of Improvising - Phrasing
Basics of Improvising - Five Paths - Part 1
Basics of Improvising - Five Paths - Part 2
Basics of Improvising - Five Paths - Part 3
Basics of Improvising - Five Paths - Part 4
Basics of Improvising - Building a Solo
Basics of Improvising - Long Soloing
Diatonic Arpeggios - Part 1
Diatonic Arpeggios - Part 2
Diatonic Arpeggios - Part 3
Forcing Chord Changes
Playing in B
Sequences - Part 1
Sequences - Part 2
The Diminished Chord - Part 1
The Diminished Chord - Part 2
Toggling on 1-4 - Part 1
Toggling on 1-4 - Part 2
Turnaround Kickoffs - Part 1
Turnaround Kickoffs - Part 2
Nine Pound Hammer - 5 Minor Sub for 1-7
Cherokee Shuffle - Part 1
Cherokee Shuffle - Part 2
Jeremy Reel - Part 1
Jeremy Reel - Part 2
John Hardy Substitutions