Hand built in the West Highlands of Scotland by Mike Vanden, the "Martin Taylor Artistry" is designed to reproduce the warm and woody acoustic guitar sound associated with Martin Taylor. The guitar's small, light body has a contemporary European style, empowered by precise electronics to project a big, full sound. Limited Production.

The “Artistry” was jointly designed by Martin Taylor and Mike Vanden. It has the traditional look of a jazz guitar but is smaller and the lines are somewhat contemporary including the cutaway which is a more European design than American. This theme is also reflected on headstalk . The comparatively small 15-inch body makes this a manageable size guitar that is also very light.

With the advancement of guitar electronics, large guitars are not needed to create a big sound like that of the Martin Taylor Artistry.

Martin’s guitar sound is slightly brighter and more acoustic in quality than most jazz guitar players, allowing the listener to hear string noise and the sparkle in the high end. To give distinction to his sound, Martin mics his Vanden when recording.

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