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Oh Suheiwa, besides a different sound, while there is the convenience of a larger fretboard there can also be balance issues with the larger neck (heavier on top).

Suheiwa: Here is an 8year old sound sample comparing the Koaloha soprano, soprano longneck and concert by Corey Fujimoto of theUkuleleSite:

Mahalo everyone for Welcoming me Back:) I have a question for every one that has a long neck Soprano. My KoAloha Soprano has a warranty defect and the shop wants to exchange it for a new long neck Soprano. They don't havea normal sice Soprano right now. Pro and Con for a long neck KoAloha Soprano. Any input would be most appreciated. Aloha

SandyL- AWESOME! Keep it up!

Welcome Suheiwa!!!!!

I've been doing this for 6 weeks now and having SOOOO MUUUUUCH FUUUUUNNN!!!! : ) : ) : )

Suheiwa! Welcome back!

I am back from my Travel trip without WiFi, ALOHA :)

Thank you, Sarah, for the new video on transposing. I have been thinking about this a great deal because the Key of C is a little too high for me to sing. I'm really pleased to be getting an introduction to transposing.

Mahalo Sarah for the new badge! I hope to be ready to participate in Challenges soon!

Thanks, Craig! I'm so thankful that you are willing to help with A/V goals. We're ready to upgrade everything for 2020! #5G #taxwriteoffs

@BrianLeeBauer I'll make sure to answer this more in depth in my VE response in the next few days but just watched your VE and wanted to say that the Shure 58 are fantastic mics for vocals when you're a VERY close to it. I definitely wouldn't use it as a mic to get more than one source. I'll start putting together a quick list for you if you're looking for more a "capture all" microphone! Sounding great :)

Aloha Vic_in_HNL - I just noticed that I had not give you your FESTIVAL BADGE yet - and you just received it. I see we are in a picture with you on your profile, which is very fun! I'm not sure about the profile question - even mine isn't 100% finished. ;) We give out badges throughout the year, and usually will give you some sort of challenge - you can see past Badge challenges if the Lessons > 30 Day Challenge. We are due for another challenge, coming up - Craig has been talking about it..... and I have a feeling it will have to do with transposing.....

NYCUkulele - I'm so thrilled to hear that you made the connection. That's super! So glad I could help you with that. Using the number system is so incredibly helpful.

Help! I still can’t figure out how to complete my profile. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? Also, what do I have to do to earn my next badge?

Loving the transposing videos! Inspired me to calculate the major pentatonic scales. Now I can see to remove the IV and VII degrees instead of having to memorize each pentatonic scale separately from the full scales. Thank you, Sarah!!

Aloha Shanmoon! It's great to have you hear! We will probably be answering videos in the next day or two, and we will be on the look out for your submission! Feel free to ask questions in the Forum, as well. They are easier to find, again, if you ever want to reference them or folks answers. :) Have fun practicing!

whoa! just discovered the harmonics video! SO COOL! I wondered how people did thoe chime like sounds!!! wowl! do people find harmoncs easier on a tenor vs a concert?

Aloha! I am excited to try out ArtistWorks! I submitted my "intro" video and am eager to get advice on where to start!

Chipper...Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere? Clockwise or Counterclockwise Windmills? Corriolis effect yah know....

Chipper - it's worth a try! ; )

If one windmills their arms every morning, will the constant centrical force make their fingers longer? Asking for a friend.

Ukulelefever- you are so sweet! Thank you so much, we are thrilled to have you as a student!

One of course was the VEs I have such a good chance to be taught by two awesome ukulele players and all I have to do is send in my VEs. What a opportunity to have Craig or Sarah to teach me. I have to take advantage of this.

I was really inspired by some of the items that you talked about.

We had a fun live stream! For those of you that weren't able to join us:

I was there with you, Sarah and Craig, at the live stream. Don’t know if you knew (still not confident with the YouTube sign-in) but learned lots that will push me further along the road. So, thanks! Phil

Here is the NEW LINK - for some reason we were having issues with the otherSubject - How to film the best VideoExchanges (via ArtistWorks) and quick chord substitutions and how to practice them! link:

Aloha Everyone! We will be going live VERY SOON! Here is the link: - We go live at 11AM (Pacific time). BUT don't worry, it will be recorded, and you can watch it at a later time, if you can't make it. Sign into your Youtube Account to be able to chat with us, while we are live.

Alohilani50 - Stay safe! We are thinking of you.

Kev-M - AWESOME!!! We are so happy to have you here! Thank you so much for helping out so much at the Uke Retreat. It was such a special event. :)

Good Luck Cyndi! Thinking of you. Know that at least you'll be playing your uke when the power is out and the wind is howlin'! Take care Girl.

@thomasauyong - Thanks! I've been prepping as best I can. The only thing left is to put the awnings down over the windows. I finally got fuel last night - had to wait until 10pm and there was still a bit of a line but not as bad as it was during the day. I should have enough generator fuel for about a week if I'm frugal with it. Follow me on Instagram (eileendover60) and FB for updates.

Welcome Kev....the Australian Dollar is even more painful, but still worth it. I hope you have fun here.

Hi Craig and Sarah. This is Kevin, Matt Steads friend (your chauffeur at the Uke room retreat!) I finally subscribed. the GBP - USD exchange is awful, but I know you guys are worth it! can’t wait to get involved

Hey Cyndi...I see it is Hurricane season again. Stay safe and take care.

Hahaha, thanks, all! We’ll be doing more fun things like that on our upcoming travels as well! Just got back to San Diego, will be aiming to answer all the Ve’s in the queue on Thursday! Can’t wait to see what you all have been working on!

@Craig I loved it when Steven Espaniola shouted "Go there!" during charades. Haha!

Thanks, Craig, for your last response to my VE. It was super helpful! I'll practice as you suggested and get back to you. :-)

OMG! The “Ukulele Charades” episode on Ukulele Undergound’s YouTube channel is the most hilarious thing I have seen in a very long time! Anyone who needs a couple good laughs should check it out!

Thank you all for the advice. I will keep all in mind. Yes, I want to break the bank and buy another soprano Uku best quality possible.

Hi Lizette, my advice is to go ahead and break the bank. Get the best quality instrument you can possibly afford.

Hi Lizete, I just posted an Islander Solid Acacia concert uke for sale on Craigslist. I think you are here in SoCal. I you are interested in seeing/hearing it, please contact me through Craigslist.

Oh sorry to hear that Lizete. There are some nice quality economical ukes that won't break the bank. Ohana and Islander come to mind. (under $200). The Folks at the UkuleleSite (Hawaii Music Supply) are very knowledgeable and do a great job. Of course all the hawaiian K's are great but $$$. There are overseas made options (Martin made in mexico, Romero Creations made in Vietnam, Opio made in Thailand) that are less $$. Have fun looking.

I do not have a good Ukulele. I took it to a music store. They said it has one problem in the area of tuning.

hello thomas. I did change the strings to high quality ones. some chords still do not sound good!

No rush Sarah, it’s not that good. Just thought it was about time I shared something

Aloha Bumnote! So glad you uploaded. Our internet is limited at this Uke Retreat, so we won’t be able to answer till Friday or Saturday. I’m sorry for the delay. Looking forward to seeing your VE.

Just uploaded my first VE for this school, everything has changed since I used to do it. Used to be lots of programs, mics ,tripods and cameras, Now its just the ipad and thats it, oh how times have changed

ALOHA Students! Craig & I are in Hawai’i, but will answer some VEs tomorrow! We won’t have internet starting Saturday, however.

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Blog post by: ArtistWorks
09/13/2019 02:52pm

3 New C Scale Variations Added to the Beginner Lessons

We've just added 3 new C scale variations to the existing Beginner Ukulele lesson page for "The C Scale - Variations" bringing the total up to 9 variations within this one lesson! In the new variation 7 Sarah will show you how to practice your C scale up and down in thirds, in variation 8 we add an alternating G string to the pattern. In variation 9, Sarah shows you a pattern she first learned from her earlier piano training that also includes using the third. There's an accompanying pdf with tablature and notation for all 9 variations on the lesson page to help you get started, to go straight there now click here, or you can find the lesson page in the Beginner lessons list about 3/4 of the way down. Enjoy!


Blog post by: ArtistWorks
09/04/2019 11:11am

New Lesson Just Added: Transposing

Just added to the Beginner lessons is a great new two-part lesson on how to transpose songs into different keys. Sarah will take you through her process of taking a song and methodically transcribing it into a different key. This is an extremly valuable skill to have as a musician and allows you to translate your favorite songs into other keys. It's especially useful for singers, this skill allows you to move a song into a comfortable key that fits your vocal range or the voice of someone you're accompanying. Sarah will take you through the process as she shows you how to move You Are My Sunshine from the key of C into the key of F as an example. She's created a template chart that we've included in the study materials as something you can download and print out to transpose songs yourself also. To go straight to the lesson now click here or you can find it towards the end of the list in the Beginner lessons list. Enjoy!


Blog post by: ArtistWorks
08/16/2019 05:44pm

New Craig and Sarah Beginner Lesson: Pinkie Stretch Exercise!


In this lesson, Sarah demonstrates a “Pinkie Stretch Exercise” designed to help strengthen the finger that we don’t always think to use! By strengthening the pinkie, you can more easily reach farther frets on the ukulele that will allow you to produce more chord voicings and have more musical freedom when playing single note passages and solos. The exercise is based around the chromatic scale, so it will also allow you to get more familiar with note intervals within scales. The new lesson is available in the Beginner section of the site, but It’s an excellent exercise for all skill levels. You can find the new lesson by using the link below. Enjoy, and aloha!


Beginner: Pinkie Stretch Exercise



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09/16/2019 11:37am

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09/16/2019 03:43am

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09/14/2019 01:15pm