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Any one else see the video of Tua Tagovailoa strumming and palm muting on his ukulele while waiting for his surgery?

Intro to follow

Hi Sarah & Craig, had some trouble uploading my intro video so you gave my performance of low G comping of "All of Me"

Thank you Suheiwa! We are excited - listened some mixes last night... It's almost done!

Congratulation to Your New Album "Christmas Island" love the Title. Aloha

@Brian awesome!!

I bet you know what song we're doing...

Nice livestream! Hey guess what, Katie and I just got selected to record a song for a local St. Louis Christmas compilation.

Just finished making a lesson on each version of Mele Kalikimaka! Hopefully the amazing AW crew will be able to upload it within the next few days :)

So glad you guys enjoyed it! :)

Was on the road during the "live" portion but was able to watch on the replay in the afternoon. A great bundle of lessons wrapped up as a Holiday Gift!

Awesome Live Stream Craig & Sarah . We really have a lot of new chords to learn.

Here is the recorded Live Stream:

For the LIVE STREAM - you can get the PDFS prior, if you would like: Download PDFs here:

Aloha Students - Craig and I are going to have a LIVE STREAM this coming Saturday, Nov 9 at 11 Pacific Time. Please join us, if you can. We'll be going over the classic Mele Kalikimaka!

The issue with videos is now resolved. If anyone has further issues with videos please let us know, very sorry again for any inconvenience.

Hello Everyone - Unfortunately, there is an issue with the website (including videos and downloading materials) that the tech team is currently working to resolve. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Thank you Craig & Sarah for posting about it!

I've been told the server issues should be fixed shortly from the AW crew. Thank you for your patience!

Hmm, there seems to be a server issue going on with AW at the moment. I'll see if I can get some info from them and update when things should be up and running again!

Aloha, everyone! Sarah and I will be taking today to recover from the amazing Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway. We'll be going through the VideoExchange queue tomorrow! It was great to see some of you in Tampa!

So glad you are enjoying the new lessons!

The New Jamming Tips Video is exceedingly awesome, so inspiring and super motivating. THANK YOU!!!

Aloha Everyone! We will do VEs tomorrow. We are so sorry for the delay! Thank you for your patience.

Thank you, Thomas

@Craig & Sarah Loving the Jamming tips videos! When I saw Craig with his glasses on I knew things were going to get serious!

Craig, I'd love to see you play the accompaniment version of Guava Jam!

Hey Herm, I corrected my answer. Alekoki, Liliu e and Penei No are all Hawaiian Monarchy Era Song Titles. Haole Hula was composed in 1927.

Hey Sarah...have fun with your family. Say hello to Alohalani and Mike McQueen at TBUG for me

@SarahMaisel No worries Sarah! I can wait.

Aloha Students - we are sorry we haven't been able to answer your VEs for a while. We've had our heads down in the studio the past few days to finish up our Holiday Album before we leave on Saturday. We will be able to answer VEs when we are in Georgia, visiting my family before the Tampa Bay Getaway. We are really sorry for taking so long!

Herm - I think I saw Thomas reply to your question via the forum. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's meaning song, like the Guitar's beautiful song... but I'm not an expert.

Herm I answered your question in the Forum.

Herm you need to pose this question as a forum topic. The shout box is not the right venue for questions(see Ask Craig and Sarah discussion)

Hello, Craig and Sarah. In Haole Hula, what does the word 'peneino' mean? (I am interested to know the culture behind these Hawaiian songs; I have the general gist, but am stuck on that word.)

Aloha Craig and Sarah, I was writin my coment on the VE and uploading in the same time and once the upload was finished it kiced me out. So sorry my comendwas not finished. Mahalo and looking forward to your VE.

Thanks Marc and Sarah! Multiplying Ukes! With all of the inset frames I feel kind of like Hayley Mills in “Parent Trap” And I’m really lovin’ the bass...

SarahMaisel & Kfowler- After reading your comments I feel really excited to see this VE!

Kfowler - One thing I jokingly said as I watched your VE - besides "This is awesome", is HOW MANY ukes does he have?! Knowing full well that you are playing the same one twice. ;) But it was a fun thought. It sounds fantastic, I'm looking forward to everyone getting to see it. Your bass playing is sounding really good, too.

Aloha Sarah! I had imagined so....and am happy to wait until Craig is ready. If you count the t-shirts you’ll see I filmed bits and pieces of the VE for 5 days. :)

Aloha Kenneth - Craig will be answering your VE soon. We are sorry it's been awhile; Craig has some cool ideas he wants to show you, but needs a little bit more time to film.

Thank you, LynnMarie!!! I'm glad it was helpful! Playing and singing at the same time is HARD. We do feel like a lot of folks don't talk about that aspect as much as they should.

Excellent lesson on Playing and Singing "You Are My Sunshine". I appreciated the unedited version. Your engaged and careful consideration of how to effectively instruct is skillful. Thank you. The arrival of baby Chee-Maisel marks fresh beginnings in many ways. 2020 will be a very special year!

Aw! Thanks, Clay

Craig and Sarah: I find your excitement and enthusiasm to be infectious and intoxicating. Thank you for all you do to keep us motivated and make it fun!

Aloha Everyone! Pre-Orders for our Holiday Album have begun! We are super excited and hope you will enjoy some of the awesome goodies. I also posted about this in the Forum as well.

ljmoreley - Wonderful! So glad you took the plunge and went to the jam. :)

Just attended my first ukulele jam. I was a little nervous walking in but started feeling right at home once everybody started playing. Though I have to admit, never in a million years would I have ever thought I would end up playing ABBA on the ukulele!

Aloha Sarah and Craig, thank You for the discount code. I am still dealing with my Ukulele Shop and will let you know the outcome from this. Mahalo

Aloha Suheiwa - All of our students get a discount on Kanile'a 'Ukuleles if you order from them directly. Let them know you are a student, and we have a discount code "CheeMaisel" that you can mention to them as well. I THINK it's 10% off, but I can't remember. It goes for custom instruments or models in their store on Oahu.

Craig, do you have any special connections with Kanile’a Ukuleles?

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