How it Works:

How It Works
The AOB utilizes ArtistWorks' award-winning Video Exchange approach to online learning. Learning via Video Exchange gives students the unique ability to receive specific feedback and guidance from a virtuosic teacher of their instrument. It works like this: A student enrolls in one of the ArtistWorks' Academy of Bluegrass schools, and begins to work on the material, material that was especially created by their teacher. The material is structured into an encyclopedic, progressive video curriculum, dedicated to their instrument. Students go through the lessons at their own pace, learning from the high-quality, progressive lessons. Their learning experienced is enhanced by additional material such as interviews and music performances. Socializing features such as personalized Student Pages, Instant Messaging, chat rooms, and forums all contribute to the fun. The "Bluegrass Hub" brings together all enrolled students from the AOB schools, thereby creating a gigantic community that is passionate about Bluegrass.

Students desiring personalized feedback and individualized instruction from their teacher are invited to submit self-made webcam videos of their practice sessions via the “Video Exchange" system. Their teacher reviews all these videos, and makes an individualized response with video (or sometimes written) guidance. The student-submitted video is then "paired" with the teacher's individualized response; the pairing is called a Video Exchange. All Video Exchanges are posted in the Video Exchange Center, an ever-growing database of knowledge. (Note: Submitting videos for evaluation is optional). The Video Exchange Center is a constantly growing reservoir of insights into the knowledge of your instrument, where all can learn from each other's interactions with the teacher. The ArtistWorks Video Exchange approach breaks new ground in online instrumental education.

The AOB provides an accelerated learning experience, powering students to achieve their highest level of playing. Imagine having direct interaction with a giant of your Bluegrass instrument! Tony Trischka, Bryan Sutton, Darol Anger, Missy Raines, and Mike Marshall respond to all videos sent from the enrolled students in their schools.