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Happy Thnksgiving weekend to you too Andreas.

Happy ThxGiving-weekend to all of u!!

Tommy G: Yes there is a backing track among the other AGU backing tracks!

iMpactFuze: Welcome to the site!

is there a backing track for DOWR available ?

I like it way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also try SHIFT+refresh if CTRL+refresh doesn't work for your browser/OS combination. Hope you like the new navigation menu!

If you're not seeing the new nav that launched last night, it's probably a cache problem in your browser. Just hit Ctrl-Refresh, and it should be fine.

Anybody else having problems with the format of this site?

Thanks Andreas.....

Hey Guys, Cheers from India :) Just joined up the website and hope to make a lot of progress with the community and the teacher's help !!

Hey all, I uploaded a video before but it doesn't show up under my video exchanges. Has anyone else run int this problem before?

https://youtu.be/rulmrKdQllc Adult cover for Andreas Oberg's solo from the song Man.

ElJefe, the track is right there just as described by chris below :)

vincente: yes that was and is a great sounding guitar made by AJL :)

kbolge93 thx and welcome! those two songs are unfortunately not part of the curriculum but we have many other standards in the same style to work on! upload a video when u are ready , performing something that u're feeling comfortable with. let's take it from there!

I guess you have to have a 6 or 12 month membership to download.

press the button LEARN on the left side and then go on Study Materials

Does anyone know where I could find the Invitation Backng Track on the site?

New to this site and I am excited to learn from you Andreas. I really enjoy your playing and any records I have heard you on. Would love to know your take on the tunes It Could Hapen to You and Bye Bye Blackbird.

I sold the guitar that belonged to Andreas Oberg, and on which he often played around 2008. I bought it from his luthier AJL in 2010. I would like to get 3900 euros. Here is a link where you can hear it from the master https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BsfBHmqEbY

Hey, I think the 110 and 112 are more recent models. I used to have one that was just called JazzAmp...it had a top and a speaker separate. Sounded really good for archt., not sure I would use it for acoustic guitar, even though I'm sure it works. Regards Andreas

hello Andreas, what jazzamp henriksen did you use, 110 or 112 and is the jazzamp goodfor acoustic guitar or only for archtop?Regards

hello Andreas, what jazzamp henriksen did you use, 110 or 112 and is the jazzamp goodfor acoustic guitar or only for archtop?Regards

Hey folks, listen to my cover for the keyboard solo of Dirty Loops - Circus. https://youtu.be/yPyfG6oe8tg

Yes I know, I meant that I seemed to be stuck and I do not know how to develop further or maybe it seems to me and by the way I recorded the video.

Welcome back to the site. Start with one of the songs from AGU tunes that u feel comfortable with and lets take it from there. Upload a video once u feel ready!

After a long absence, I finally returned. I do not know how to develop further, Andreas Oberg help me :-)

I'm very sad to share the news that fellow guitarist and AW teacher Chuck Loeb has left us. My deepest condolences to his family & circle of friends and students. His musical legacy will live on & his site will continue with the help of fellow guitarist Dave Stryker.

Enjoy your vacation Andreas.

Hey all, I'll be on vacation starting tonight for 2 weeks. I won't have any access to any guitar or video equipment but will check in on the site and do some text replies to the video submissions. But from Aug 1st there will be video replies coming again. Just a heads up!

Hey, let's get started again with something fun. Pick a song from AGU tunes that u like and then work on that. We'll take it from there :)

Hi Andreas, I've got really behind with my playing and not submitted a video for ages. Please help me. What should I do? Submit something? Can you suggest. Thanks. Steve.

Yes I do. As you may know I'm a very active pop producer/composer with around 200 releases mainly in Japan and Korea. I love writing music with a soul/rnb touch :)

hi andreas, do you like other music styles apart from jazz,blues , funk ?

Jrostrom: It's a question of style and taste. A lot of times u can actually choose the mode and feel u wanna project. Personally I have always liked dorian and melodic minor so I use those rather than aeolian and harmonic minor. The natural 6 gives it a less "dark" sound compared to the b6 I think :)

Jdf: These days I don't tour much cuz I'm so busy with song writing and production. But I guess the key is just to play a lil bit everyday and try to maintain the technique and timing. Staying relaxed physically is very important...the moment u get tense that will come through the music/performance

What is your approach on b6 vs natural 6 for minor chords? Constrain the use of the b6 to only certain chords?

Cool. One more question: How do you keep your chops in good shape when you aren't touring and playing shows?

If I use a thinner archtop like the Bravo, I prefer the round wounds . But I guess it's personal...this is just my preference :)

It has to do with the size of the archtop. On a big one like my Manhattan, it sounds really good with flat wounds.

Hey Andreas, why do you prefer to use flatwounds on archtops instead of roundwound strings?

no problem Andreas .. I just need to practice ... if I can more or less do this I am ready for songs ;-)

We can work on mixolydian , aeolian etc or start doing one of the more basic AGU tunes like Blue Bossa or Sunny.

Hey, I felt you were ready for that one but if u want to work more on separate modes we can def go back to that.

after I survived that backing track ... "now do 2516 in all keys" ... the man has no mercy ;-) ;-)

@Andreas : sometimes I wonder if there is nothing in between ;-)

my first task : some dorian noodling, second one : 251 in all keys ;-)

I would say try to visualize something different...like a place or an environment that makes u relax if u feel nervous and tense before entering the stage.

Hey, it's an interesting question. It's a important to relax mentally to keep ur body and muscles relaxed..

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