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"I love having every bit of instructional material I need in one place, and being able to converse directly with Bryan is pretty danged priceless."
- Student, Cary

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The Grammy award winning Bryan Sutton has created an extensively detailed library of bluegrass guitar lessons here at ArtistWorks. His students have unlimited access to hundreds of flatpick guitar lessons - plus guitar tabs, backing tracks, special guests, and worldwide community of bluegrass guitar enthusiasts.

Best of all, students can receive personalized feedback from Bryan using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange® learning platform. Bryan responds to each student video with unique advice for how to improve. All of Bryan's students can access the Video Exchange library, which is always expanding and may contain the key to unlock your own playing.

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  • 100s of guitar lessons at your own pace
  • All levels from beginner to advanced
  • Slow Motion Isolation and Video Looping


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  • Get custom feedback on your playing
  • Practice his advice and get better faster


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Bryan Sutton Bluegrass Guitar Lessons

  • Basic Guitar
  • Intermediate Guitar
  • Advanced Guitar
  • The Improv Workshop

Basic Guitar

  • Introduction to Bluegrass Guitar
  • Posture
  • Tuning the Guitar
  • Picking Hand Fundamentals
  • Fretting Hand Fundamentals
  • Combining Picking Hand and Fretting Hand
  • Fundamentals of Practice
  • Introduction to Picking Pattern Exercises
  • Picking Pattern - Exercise 1
  • Picking Pattern - Exercise 2
  • Picking Pattern - Exercise 3
  • Rhythm and Chords Overview
  • Major Chords
  • The "Boom Chuck" Sound
  • Changing Chords in Rhythm - Exercise 1
  • Changing Chords in Rhythm - Exercise 2
  • Changing Chords in Rhythm - Exercise 3
  • Changing Chords in Rhythm - Exercise 4
  • “You Are My Sunshine” (Basic)
  • “Wildwood Flower” (Basic)
  • “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (Basic)
  • “Blue Moon of Kentucky” (Basic)
  • “Cry Cry Darlin” (Basic)
  • “My Home Across the Blue Ridge Mountains” (Basic)
  • “Little Maggie” (Basic)
  • Introduction to Single Note Playing
  • The Major Scales
  • The Pentatonic Scales
  • Chord Theory
  • Walking Bass
  • Reading Tablature
  • Beginning Hammer-Ons
  • Hammer-Ons: Exercise 1
  • Beginning Pull-Offs
  • Pull-Offs: Exercise 1
  • Beginning Slides
  • Slides: Exercise 1
  • Using a Capo
  • “Turkey in the Straw” (Basic)
  • “Red Haired Boy” (Basic)
  • “Jimmy Brown” (Basic)
  • “Gold Rush” (Basic)
  • “Give Me Back My 15 Cents” (Basic)
  • “Soldier's Joy” (Basic)
  • “Daley's Reel” (Basic)
  • “Kitchen Girl” (Basic)
  • “Over the Waterfall” (Basic)
  • “Big Sciota” (Basic)
  • “Jerusalem Ridge” (Basic)
  • “Red Wing” (Basic)
  • “Shady Grove” (Basic)
  • “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (Basic)
  • "Lonesome Moonlight Waltz" (Basic)
  • Other Student Submitted Tunes: Basic

Intermediate Guitar

  • Introduction to Intermediate
  • Fretting Hand Review
  • Hammer and Pull (Key of G) - Exercise 1
  • Hammer (Key of C) - Exercise 1
  • Hammer and Pull (Key of D) - Exercise 1
  • Picking Hand Review
  • Expanded Chord Voicings for Bluegrass
  • Playing Alternate Downbeat Notes
  • Intermediate Rhythm Exercise
  • Moving Beyond the Boom Chuck
  • The G Run
  • Listening and Common Sense
  • “Dark Hollow” - Key of C (Intermediate)
  • “The Tennessee Waltz” - Key of C (Intermediate)
  • “John Hardy” - Key of G (Intermediate)
  • “Nine Pound Hammer” - Key of A (Intermediate)
  • Major Scales - 2nd Position Closed
  • Pentatonic Scales - Closed Position
  • Minor Pentatonic Scales - 3rd Position Closed
  • Opening Up the Fretboard
  • Three Shape - Exercise 1
  • Three Shape - Exercise 2
  • Three Shape - Exercise 3
  • Fretboard - Exercise 1
  • Fretboard - Exercise 2
  • Fretboard - Exercise 3
  • Major Scales - Up the Neck
  • Developing Groove and Pocket
  • Feel - Exercise 1
  • Feel - Exercise 2
  • Crosspicking
  • Crosspicking (Key of G) - Exercise 1
  • Crosspicking (Key of G) - Exercise 2
  • Crosspicking (Key of C) - Exercise 1
  • Crosspicking (Key of C) - Exercise 2
  • Crosspicking with Hammer-Ons (Key of C) - Exercise 1
  • Crosspicking - Etude 1
  • Crosspicking - Etude 2
  • “Turkey in the Straw” (Intermediate)
  • “Red Haired Boy” (Intermediate)
  • “Jimmy Brown” (Intermediate)
  • “Gold Rush” (Intermediate)
  • “Give Me Back My 15 Cents” (Intermediate)
  • “Soldier's Joy” (Intermediate)
  • “Daley's Reel” (Intermediate)
  • “Kitchen Girl” (Intermediate)
  • “Over the Waterfall” (Intermediate)
  • “Wildwood Flower” (Intermediate)
  • "Big Sciota" (Intermediate)
  • “Jerusalem Ridge” (Intermediate)
  • “High Heel Shoe” (Intermediate)
  • “Red Wing” (Intermediate)
  • “Shady Grove” (Intermediate)
  • “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (Intermediate)
  • "Lonesome Moonlight Waltz" (Intermediate)
  • Other Student Submitted Tunes: Intermediate

Advanced Guitar

  • Introduction to Advanced
  • Advanced Alternating Strums & Scales
  • Strum and Scales with Closed Shapes
  • Rhythm with Crosspicking
  • Rhythm with Crosspicking - Exercise 1
  • Rhythm with Crosspicking - Exercise 2
  • Advanced Rhythm - Exercise 1: “Banks of the Ohio”
  • Advanced Rhythm - Exercise 2: “Big Sciota”
  • Advanced Rhythm - Exercise 3: “Salty Dog”
  • Introduction to Chord Theory
  • Building Chords
  • Chord Scales
  • Connecting Chords - “St. Anne's Reel”
  • Chord Substitutions - “St. Anne's Reel”
  • “Big Sandy River” (Advanced)
  • “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (Advanced)
  • Introduction to Improvisation in Bluegrass and Flatpicking
  • The Powerful Relative Minor
  • Relative Minor - Exercise 1
  • Relative Minor - Exercise 2
  • Adding Attitude
  • Soloing Over Chord Patterns
  • Improvising Over a Fiddle Tune: “Blackberry Blossom”
  • Improvising Over a Fiddle Tune: “Salt Creek”
  • Improvising Over a Fiddle Tune: “Liberty”
  • Bluegrass Improvisation: “Down the Road”
  • Bluegrass Improvisation: “Love is Like a Flower”
  • Bluegrass Improvisation: “Bury Me Beneath the Willow”
  • Unlocking the Three Shapes
  • The "F" Chord Shape
  • The "A" Chord Shape
  • The "D" Chord Shape
  • Introduction to Etudes
  • Advanced Etude 1 (Key of G)
  • Advanced Etude 2 (Key of G)
  • Advanced Etude 1 (Key of D)
  • Advanced Etude 2 (Key of D)
  • Advanced Etude 1 (Key of C)
  • Bluegrass Guitar Etude (Key of D)
  • Bluegrass Guitar Etude (Key of C)
  • Bluegrass Guitar Etude (Key of G)
  • Bluegrass Guitar (Key of G) - Exercise 1
  • Bluegrass Guitar (Key of G) - Exercise 2
  • Bluegrass Guitar (Key of D) - Exercise 1
  • Advanced Slide & Crosspick - Exercise 1
  • Advanced Crosspicking (Key of E minor) - Exercise 1
  • Advanced Flatpicking (Key of A minor) - Etude 1
  • “Turkey in the Straw” (Advanced)
  • “Red Haired Boy” (Advanced)
  • “Jimmy Brown” (Advanced)
  • “Gold Rush” (Advanced)
  • “Give Me Back My 15 Cents” (Advanced)
  • “Soldier's Joy” (Advanced)
  • “Daley's Reel” (Advanced)
  • “Kitchen Girl” (Advanced)
  • “Over the Waterfall” (Advanced)
  • “Wildwood Flower” (Advanced)
  • “Big Sciota” (Advanced)
  • “Jerusalem Ridge” (Advanced)
  • “Decision at Glady Fork” (Advanced)
  • “High Heel Shoe” (Advanced)
  • “Red Wing” (Advanced)
  • “Shady Grove” (Advanced)
  • “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (Advanced)
  • "Lonesome Moonlight Waltz" (Advanced)
  • Other Student Submitted Tunes: Advanced

The Improv Workshop

  • An Introduction to the Improv Workshop
  • Improvisation: Nine Pound Hammer
  • (Basic) Improvisation: Ragtime Annie - Rhythm
  • (Intermediate) Improvisation: Ragtime Annie - Rhythm
  • (Advanced) Improvisation: Ragtime Annie - Rhythm: Chord Voicing Embellishments

Reviews for Online Guitar Lessons with Bryan Sutton

  • "I just wanted to thank Bryan for his wonderful workshop. I'm an intermediate Bluegrass guitar player with many holes in my foundation. Bryan's lessons are helping me fill those holes. As you already know in addition to being a great player, he is a great guitar teacher. This course was well worth the investment. Kudos to all!Tom Foster
  • "This is a really good opportunity especially for people who don't have good instructors nearby. It doesn't have the latency issues that a Skype lesson has. I probably submitted about 4 video submissions and usually had a video response within 24 hours. My submission might only be 30 seconds by the response would be like a 10 minute video. It's a very neat concept."Flaco
  • "All in all, it has been nothing but a complete delight to log in each day, and there is so much fun stuff going on that it's easy to get away from the real reason for signing up..the lessons. The video quality is fantastic (think homespun dvd quality), the instruction is top notch, and Bryan has really come into his own as a thoughtful teacher whose critical lens towards flatpicking has become all the way dialed in. What can I say..I highly recommend signing up."Flatpickin
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About Bryan

Bryan Sutton is arguably the best flatpick guitarist since the late great Doc Watson.  Born near Asheville, NC in 1973, Bryan Sutton has been playing guitar since the age of 8. Sutton first came to prominence as part of Ricky Skaggs' bluegrass band Kentucky Thunder. At the beginning of 1999, Bryan retired from Kentucky Thunder so he could devote himself to studio recording. He has also been the guitarist for the legendary bluegrass band Hot Rize for over a decade now. 

As a leading session guitarist, he continues to appear on numerous recordings with everyone from Rhonda Vincent, the Dixie Chicks, Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton and many more. 

Bryan was awarded a Grammy in 2007, and has been honored as IBMA ‘Guitarist of the Year’ in 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, and 2014. In 2011 he was also named ‘Specialty Instrument Player of the Year’ at the Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.

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